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EPFL Summer Research Program for Bio/Life Science Students



Who is the Host?

School of Life Science, Laussane, Switzerland(École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne: EPFL)


How popular is EPFL?

EPFL, Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university receives students, professors and staff from over 120 nationalities. It’s consistently ranked in Top 10 global universities on QS Ranking scale.

About EPFL Life Sciences (SV) School

The School of Life Sciences (SV) is organized to teach students at the interfaces of biology and other sciences such as engineering, basic sciences, computer sciences with an aim to foster a generation of life scientists with strong expertise in quantitative and analytical biology.

About the EPFL Summer Research Program

 The participants will:

Gain hands-on research experience and training in cutting-edge research.
Be a member of a research lab working at the forefront of science, medicine and biotechnology.
Put classroom learning into action to solve actual research problems in the laboratory.
Improve critical thinking skills by evaluating scientific information, designing experiments and testing hypotheses.
Prepare for future independent research projects and advanced research in graduate school.
 *  Experience the excitement and challenges of scientific research gaining insight into what a research career entails.

The major highlights of the SRP will be:

  • The LAB SESSIONS (for a period of eight weeks)
  • FULLY FUNDED (Covers travel and stay and even social events)
  • Upto 1500 CHF as scholarship (after reimbursing the travel and housing)
  • Working language is ENGLISH
  • Duration: JULY 6th to AUGUST 27th 2015


  1. Must be enrolled in a degree program in biology, bio-physics, chemistry, bio-engineering, bio-informatics, quantiative biology, genetics courses or a similar life sciences program and plan on pursuing a career in the life sciences. Basic Life Sciences backgound is essential. Previous lab experience is a plus.
  2. Must be in good standing with a GPA equivalent to a 3.75/4.0 grade or higher (5.25/6) and should have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate coursework by the summer of 2015. (If your university does not use a 4 point scale, then include an explanation of the your grading scale with your motivation letter. Differences in grading scales will be taken into consideration, but you must be in the top 5% of your class.)
  3. Participants come from the top 5% of their class and have some research experience. Their essays show passion and motivation!
  4. 1st year master’s students are also eligible, but EPFL mostly aims at undergraduates. (Undergraduate means the first 4 years of university training usually towards a bachelor’s degree.)
  5. Please keep in mind that last year, they received over 500 applications!  This unfortunately makes the acceptance rate very low.  EPFL will announce the selected participants 2 to 3 weeks after the deadline on the SRP site and by email.


  1. CV (1 – 2 pages)
  2. A motivation letter (maximum 1000 words) describing your academic background, scientific interests, any previous research experience, what you will bring to the program and what you hope to accomplish from attending the summer research program.
  3. A short explanation of why you would like to work in the labs that you chose.  One or two sentences will be sufficient for each lab.
  4. Copy of your university academic transcript or school official list of classes and grades.  (in English or one of the major European languates) up to the moment of the SRP application. (You may translate your transcript youself and have a faculty member sign it to verify its authenticity.)
  5. Two e-mail addresses of faculty or instructors who are familiar with you and are in a position to assess the your capabilities and potential for a career in science. If you have had the opportunity to work in a lab, please include a recommendation from the lab head as one of your recommendations.  A link will be sent to the referee shortly after you carefully fill in their names and contact information, upload the information and click the “invite” button. Please fill in your name on the application before you invite your professors to write a reference letter. Otherwise, the link to the referee will not have your name on it!


  • Once you have clicked on the link and put in your email and the security code, a link will be sent to you to use for applying and uploading your documents and referee’s contact information.  When you open this link, the buttons for the application etc are found in the bar on the upper left side of the page.  There is no button to click to finish applying, but your information is automatically recorded.  You may re-use the link at any time up to the deadline (January 31st 2015) to change your personal information, and delete and change documents.
  • When you enter a referee’s name and information, a link will be sent to that person shortly after you invite them by clicking on the invite button.  If you made a mistake in the information, you are allowed by a delete button on the right of the referee’s information to remove the entry and start over by entering the information again. You can check to see if your referee has uploaded your reference letter by using your original link, clicking on referee form and seeing if there is a green check on the right hand side of your referee entry.
  • On the application status page, the green checks next to references means only that a link has been sent to your recommender. If you have uploaded your recommender’s contacts and there is no green check, then that means that you  have not yet clicked the “invite” button on the referee form. It is your responsibility to check if they have submitted your recommendation and contacting them if they have not yet done so.

SO,.. EAGER TO APPLY?? Hurry Up! Deadline is 31st January’15


Source of the entire information is:  i.e website of the hosts. Entire information is reliable.
Click here for information on Housing, Travel/Visas and Scholarship
Click here for info on Participating Labs
Click here for reading feedbacks of previous years’ SRP scholars
Click here for Photographs of previous year program
For more details please visit:





  1. Hello sir Sunil, I just want to ask if the EPFL Program is still ongoing. And if it so, where can I submit the requirements needed bt the Program..:)Im hoping for your response. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Rodel Estadillo Alo
    Researcher, Philippines

  2. Sunil Nagpal

    Hello Rodel,

    Yes applications are still open for the EPFL SV Summer Research Program. You need to click “CLICK HERE TO APPLY” link (right at the end of this article) to get to the registration page (you may directly refer this as well:

    Once you register and get the application invitation email, you will find a link inside that email to complete your application and submit your documents (once you click the personal link sent to you; you will land up on a page mentioning the status of various steps. On the same page, just click on Application Menu. You will find all necessary links to submit your documents.)

    And please note: Only completed applications will be considered for selection! REFERENCE LETTERS MUST BE UPLOADED BY JANUARY 31ST 2015 AS WELL! Give you referees enough warning and time to write a letter.

    Hope it helps

    If you have any other query, let me know.

    Best Wishes!

  3. Hello sir will u plz extend the date bcz I have some document issue as im nt feeling well suffering from renal calculi…hoping something u will do fr me…thanking u..
    Ali khan
    School of life sciences
    North Maharashtra University
    Jalgaon Maharashtra

  4. Hello sir,
    i would like to know that what all other exams for apart from GATE.
    Iam Biotech but good knowlege & Interest in Maths so is there any institute that offers MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY,i would like to know that what are the specializations in biotech that necesssarely needs maths..


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