GATE Biotech Important Topics : IIT Kanpur is the Organizer

gatebtIITKI have always stressed upon giving due focus to the organizer of the GATE exam and making sure that one covers the topics related to the research profile of their faculty. Though I wanted that the aspirants should make special efforts on their own to analyse the faculty profiles and zeroing on the topics that could be crucial for the exam; but quite a number of requests from our subscribers and regular users made me realize that my opinion could ease their anxiousness. So, dear aspirants, here’s a list of some crucial topics in my opinion, which you shouldn’t ignore. I have made this list after thorough study of the faculty profile, and these topics could be important in the perspective of the IITK faculty. I wish and hope that this effort helps you all in some form.

GATE Biotech Important Topics (Whenever IIT Kanpur is an Organizer):

  1. Basics of Microarray
  2. Nature of Bone Morphogenic Proteins and basic understanding of their role.
  3. Thoroughly study GPCRs (ensure fundamental understanding of G-proteins and their functional significance as well). Also get basic awareness of biased signaling at G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).
  4. Media and special growth conditions (including growth regulators, pH, CO2 etc) for Mammalian Cell Culture.
  5. Basic understanding of Heat Shock Proteins
  6. Basic understanding of micro-RNAs (functional significance).
  7. Pharmacokinetic properties of drugs (be aware of the improtant terms)
  8. Names and consitutents of biodegradable polymers
  9. Special focus on basic awareness of some neurodegenerative diseases and pathways.
  10. Special focus on Adeno-associated virus (AAV) as gene delivery systems. Read about other vectors for gene delivery as well but put thorough focus on AAVs.
  11. Read about fovea.
  12. Role of drosophila in Tumor studies.
  13. Neoplasms and Hyperplasia
  14. Programmed Cell Death
  15. Aqauporins
  16. Understand Nucleosomes and then ATP-CRC
  17. Bioinformatics Databases
  18. Options in BLAST
  19. Thorough understanding of various Chromatographic techniques
  20. Mechanism of action of various Antibiotics


Best wishes to all of you!

May this GATE exam opens up the gates of success for each one of you!

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    Thanks a lot sir… 🙂

  2. Hello Sir I am First year student of BSc (Agricultural Biotechnology) its an four year course provided by Marathwada Agricultural university
    I also planning to do M.Tech(Biotechnology)
    so which discipline i have to choose during exam.I want started my preparation too early
    so plz suggest me

  3. sir among the important topcs which you mentiones the fallowing topics are not mentioned in the syllabus do you mean does IITK will go out of syllabus
    bone morphogenic proteins, FOVEA, neoplasia and hyperplasia,role of drosophila in tumar studies, pharmakokinetcs

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Dear Vikram,

      I tried to mention the specific topics, whereas GATE syllabus gives a broader list. BMPs can be covered in cell signalling (i recommended very basic awareness from MCQ point of view. Like what’s the nature of BMPs? etc). GATE organizers might not specifically recommend studying Michaelis-Menten equation and it’s derivatives, but it remains a crucial topic in Enzyme kinetics.

      Coming to Hyperplasia, neoplasia and tumor studies, they can easily be covered in cell signalling, cell growth and control (i recommend an awareness of the terms/topic).

      About Pharmakokinetics (concerning which my focus was on Drug bioavailability, Minimum Lethal Dose, Drug absorption, Minimum inhibitory concentration etc which are important concepts in Kinetics of any therapeutic). You may skip Parmaokinetics as such, but being aware of these terms wont take much time and I’m sure one will confront similar topics in study of Antibiotics, if not Pharmacokinetics.

      Fovea is associated with anatomy (far distant from typical GATE syllabus), you may skip it for written exam , but stay aware of the term and let’s hope that good awareness of all these topics not only help you in written, but interview as well.

      Eventually my aim was to enlist significant and worth knowing topics from faculty profile of IITK.

      Let me know if you have any other query.

      Best regards


  4. Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much.
    Please suggest me topics which are helpful to solve problems related questions asked in GATE paper.

  5. Sunil Nagpal

    Dear Kirti,

    If you meant to ask about the Numerical answer questions for which no options would be given then Bioprocess (Chemostat specially) would be the first suggestion. Followed by Mathematics (differentiation, integration, statistics and probability).

    Otherwise Cell Growth Kinetics, MHC and Antibodies, Enzymes of eukaryotic DNA replication, Mechanism of action of various antibiotics, GPCRs will remain my top suggestions apart from what I’ve suggested above and here:

    If there’s any other query then do let me know.

    Best Regards


  6. Could you please suggest book for studying numericals asked in GATE?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Akansha,

      My first suggestion would be to clear your Bioprocess Numerical concepts by solving all the numericals provided in Reactor Engineering chapter of Doran. This will strengthen you for all types of problems.

      Next, just pick up any GATE BT book (available in market) and start solving the numericals asked in previous years; and those in the mock tests. Try not to look into options of the numericals as the present format expects you to solve the entire problem on your own and does not provide the options to the questions.

      Hope it helps.

      Best Wishes


  7. thanks

  8. satgurunathan

    Respected sir,
    can you suggest important topics for the XL paper. i’m M.Sc Animal biotechnology stream. i choose the sections of biochemistry and zoology. in this specific section any important topics could be cover in the remaining days…

  9. Sunil Nagpal

    Hi satgurunathan,

    I have started compiling the information. Please refer and keep watching the link for updates. Shall complete the details soon.

    Best Wishes

  10. Hello sir,
    could you please suggest me the APPROACH TO SOLVE GATE question paper,i mean should we go by sequence wise/random wise solving,should we attempt max no of questions ? as 1/3 or 2/3 will be negative marks if it is correct we get 1 or 2 marks. How many minimum no of questions should we have to attempt (100% correct) to get good score…..

  11. I’m actually scared for gate cuz I haven’t prepared well in a disciplined way and due to other project and curriculum load I ignored the preparation till now! Can suggest me any tips for last hour preparations with which I could secure a decent score?

  12. sir i might be getting 50-55 marks in gate biotech 2015. what rank should i expect. will i be able to apply in iits

  13. sir,
    you are doing an awesome job by providing necessary information about GATE.thanks a lot sir.
    your blogs are superb.
    can you please suggest the important topics for gate 2016 ?


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