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My Experiences After GATE Biotech: Applying at IITs

IITsApplyGATE Score vs GATE Marks: Making the Right Decision

Immediately after obtaining the result of GATE BT 2011, I was in a state of dilemma because of the following confusing stats of my two attempts of GATE Biotech:

GATE BT 2010 GATE BT 2011
Rank 44 143
Marks 55.67 62
Score 654 547

I wasn’t sure whether I should rely upon the credibility of the high GATE score (of 2010) or high GATE marks (of 2011). There was no provision of mentioning the GATE performance of two different attempts in the application forms released by IITs. It was all left to my wisdom to make the decision. But my concern was, “What if I happen to apply based upon my high GATE score, but the IIT I apply at prefers GATE marks as a criterion of comparison??”

   Applying at IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati and IIT Kanpur  

IIT Delhi had very specifically asked about GATE score. So, applying at IIT Delhi was not at all confusing. I used my GATE BT 2010 scorecard (with a GATE score of 654) for applying in IITD. Same was the case of IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras and IIT Guwahati where also I applied using my GATE 2010 performance.

I successfully got calls from IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur , IIT Madras and IIT Guwahati based upon my high GATE score (654).

  The Special case of IIT Bombay  

IIT Bombay (Mumbai) on the other hand had asked the information for both GATE marks and GATE score. That’s where the confusion arose. Calling the IIT Bombay admission cell, I came to know that each department has it’s own criterion. When I called the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (BSBE) IIT Bombay, what I came to know was yet more confusing. I was told that:

For the initial screening of candidates, GATE score will be used as the criterion of comparison. Which meant that I must use my GATE BT 2010 score for application at IITB. But then they told that the candidates selected based upon their GATE score will have to appear for a written test and then interview (if they clear the written test). And the trick was that a good percentage of the GATE marks will be considered to compare amongst those who make it to interview level.

Although my GATE marks were higher in GATE 2011, I decided to apply using my GATE 2010 performance. Reason was obvious, it was more important to clear the first screening to be eligible for any subsequent stages.

My decision was right, as I got call from IIT Bombay for next round of selection process.

  IIT Kharagpur: A Decision Went Wrong  

I applied at IIT Kharagpur using my GATE 2010 scorecard. They had asked for GATE score only, so applying using GATE 2010 performance was very much apt. But upon the release of initial list of screened candidates, I came to know that I have not qualified. I was surprised! I enquired at IIT Kharagpur and was shocked to know that IIT Kharagpur prefers the latest GATE performance over the older ones. Technically, it shouldn’t have happened (as GATE score is valid for 2 years), but I decided not to indulge in the complications, and rather focussed on the options at hand.

In a way, invariably I used my GATE 2010 performance (with higher GATE score than GATE 2011 performance) to apply at all 6 major IITs (I didn’t apply at IIT Roorkee, as there was no Masters course in offer there). Sparing IIT Kharagpur, my decision proved right in all cases.


So, if we summarise my application experience, following were the outcomes:

IIT Applied GATE Performance used Outcome
IIT Delhi GATE 2010: Score 654 Got the Call
IIT Kanpur GATE 2010: Score 654 Got the call
IIT Kharagpur GATE 2010: Score 654 Didn’t get the Call
IIT Bombay GATE 2010: Score 654 Got the Call
IIT Madras GATE 2010: Score 654 Got the Call
IIT Guwahati GATE 2010: Score 654 Got the Call


Though I got the call from almost every IIT I applied at, I appeared for the next phases of selection only at three IITs:

a. IIT Delhi

b. IIT Bombay

c. IIT Kanpur

Why did I decide to appear for the interviews at only three IITs? How was my interview experience? Why I couldn’t clear IIT Kanpur interview, after clearing the written test? And much more in the next articles to come under My Story Section.

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  1. Sir,I have given GATE BT 2018 and i got rank 326 with 41/100 marks and 527/1000 SCore.I am from general category
    In which IIT,there are chances for getting admission or for a call?
    How to get M.Tech or M.S. in IIT Delhi??
    Please guide me what to prepare for written test and interview ?


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