GATE Biotechnology: Time Management During B.Tech


Time management is one of the most sought after but yet a trait that has never been achieved to perfection. It’s said that “Time starts getting wasted, the moment a person follows an unguided or blindfolded path.” Time management can best be observed in a “Clock” itself. A clock always spends just the right amount of time on every number and moves forward to the next number. It’s always in time and always perfect (unless it lacks a proper power back-up or it’s guiding gears are malfunctioning).

Apply that rule to your life, keep a power house of zeal inside you coupled with a guiding path to follow, you’ll never end up wasting your time knocking the wrong doors!

Here I have tried to compile a small scheduler for the B.Tech Biotechnology students aspiring to clear GATE BT.

The left extreme of the scheduler indicates the Time-line (indicating the years of degree course). The rectangles beside the time-line correspond to different tasks one should try to follow during their degree course. The length of each rectangle (containing a set of tasks) acts as an index of the duration for which the task(s) should span.

For example: The longest block of the scheduler that spans all four years emphasizes the fact that “One should thrive to revise the course work taught in the degree course once in a week through out the degree.” It’s really very important. To be very true, the first time I had appeared for GATE (GATE BT 2010), my entire performance was, as a result of the lessons taught in the classroom which I happened to go through once in a week. Whatever used to be taught in our class, I had the curiousity of going through the subject matter (using google, youtube, McGraw Animations etc) to have a conceptual clearity of the lessons every sunday. And believe me, it hardly used to take around 1.5 hours. All you need to do is listen to your classroom lessons carefully throughout the degree course, and spend some time with yourself for clearing any doubts that remain despite the classroom teaching. If you allow such blocks of 1-1.5 hrs per week for your degree course subjects, you’ll never need a special coaching class/mentor to let you through the competitive exams.

In the second set of blocks, I have emphasized upon the approach of following previous year GATE BT papers. Note that before 2010, GATE BT never existed, for that phase, you’ll need to download the Biotech portion of the GATE XL paper. Try to follow the strategy in the time frame mentioned in the scheduler, this will never let you be anxious about the lack of preparation as the time for GATE BT approaches.

In the next set of blocks, I have mentioned about the key subjects one should focus during different years of the B.Tech degree. You can never cover all the Biotech subjects in a couple of months. If you aim for top ranks in GATE, a well planned approach is going to be of great help.

The last set of blocks emphasizes about the time-management for Mathematics and aptitude. Focus on basic calculus in the initial two years of your degree course, followed by a gradual transition to Probability and Statistics in the last 2 years. Prepare for aptitude questions in final year (when GATE is about to approach). Your aptitude is basically a combination of your english comprehension, vocabulary, quantitative techniques skills; all of which are often inculcated during the 4 years of degree course. One hour a day, for a month or two, spent on aptitude in the end, will suffice the needs of GATE.

Hope this little scheduler will help you people. If there’s any special query, just feel free to mention in the comments. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

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  1. Sir, I’m in 2nd year biotech. I would like to know what other options do I have after I complete my I am interested in higher studies. And please suggest me that from where shall I do summer training at the end of my 2nd year.

    • Hi Pehu,
      Even if you want to pursue higher studies, I would recommend to seriously pursue GATE BT.
      1. GATE BT qualification helps in grabbing Masters and PhD in most DAAD Institutes (Germany).
      2. GATE BT qualification (even an average performance) can help you grab a PhD in National Univeristy of Singapore).
      3. GATE BT is the path to admission in IITs and IISc for higher studies.

      Other options are: ASTAR by Singapore govt., DBT JRF by govt of India, and you’ll have a lot of options if you go for GRE as well.

      About your internship after 2nd year, try the following:
      1. AIIMS (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, contact Dr. Jaiswal)
      2. Indian Oil R&D Faridabad, Biotech Department (Contact Dr. Upreti)
      3. National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal
      4. Try summer schools of EPFL Switzerland
      5. Try International BioCamp 2015 by Novartis (details will be published in beginning of 2015)

      And, I’ll be publishing an article on internship guidance and career guidance for studying abroad soon. I have tried to address your query in brief, hope it answers most of your questions. Let me know if you need some other assistance.

      Best Wishes,

  2. sir, thank you very much for your suggestions. They really are of great help.

  3. saurabh murkute

    1.there is any need of gate biotech. coaching class.if yes then which is better offline/online,suggest me some names of it.
    because of i am poor in math we need your tips for preparation of it.
    and also,
    2.suggest me some book for m.c.q. practice like ariahant ,pathfinder..etc. and all that.which is the best.

  4. saurabh murkute

    hello sir
    i am 3rd year biotech. student .prapare for gate bt,but i am very poor in math i.e. differn,integrn.etc.& average in matrix,proba. etc.
    so,plz suggest me about math,what can i do….
    and during there in any math. like subject can cause harm for me…if i am poor in math /?????


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