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My Experiences with ‘GATE BT’ – Scored 99.6 Percentile

My Gate Journey
My Gate Journey

4 years back, in October 2010, I filled the application form for the coveted GATE exam in Biotechnology. It was the 1st ever time that Biotechnology as a subject came into foray in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. Prior to 2010, GATE BT never existed, and there was only a section of Biotechnology in GATE Life Sciences (i.e GATE XL) exam. I had applied for the exam with utter ignorance about what the exam was all about and how drastically it was going to change my life in coming future. Today, I’m an alumnus of IIT Delhi (passed in 2013 with 9.13 GPA), a researcher at an MNC with over 8 lpa package, managed to clear GATE BT twice with over 99 percentile, cleared CSIR UGC NET with AIR 87, cracked DBT JRF with AIR 87 too. With such experiences of my Biotechnical career, I thought it’s worth dispersing some knowledge and experiences. I sincerely hope that my experiences with GATE Biotech would help you people in pursuing your dreams and bright careers.
I had enrolled myself for a B.Tech in Biotechnology course at Lovely Professional University in 2007, and as a matter of fact, I was extremely worried about my future from day 1 (for some strange reasons, almost every Indian student pursuing a major in Biotechnology finds himself in a deep soup all the time). I had no clue about the kind of job I could get (or even if I would get a job or not), neither was I clear about my wish to pursue a higher degree. I was ‘worried’, and sometimes it helps. Out of my worry for a good career, I constantly searched for career options, competitive exams, intern-ships, workshops and scholarship schemes. But to my dismay, I could never find a proper platform that could ease my nerves and needs (may be it was the realization of that particular disappointment over the lack of guidance that I have decided to be an active advisor for It’s said that none of your efforts, no matter how small they are, go in vain. My efforts in looking for career options paid dividend when I came to know about the launch of GATE BT exam 2010. I was aware of GATE XL (Life Sciences), but knowing about GATE BT brought some spark with it.

Why I Chose GATE BT over GATE XL

As it was the first ever time that GATE BT was going to be conducted, I (and every aspirant in fact) was totally ignorant about the pattern of exam, number and types of questions, cut-offs etc. But still I decided to apply for GATE BT. At the time of application, the only reason that was there in my mind was that “GATE BT is for Biotechnology people, I’m pursuing B.Tech in Biotech, so I must apply for GATE BT only!” Though my decision to apply for GATE BT proved very right in the end, but my logic behind the choice was inadequate, naive and very much incorrect too. Today I realize the reason behind my choice being correct:

1.  GATE BT being a relatively new concept, experiences a comparatively small foot fall, thus offering limited competition. As a matter of fact, only a little over 11000 students appeared for GATE BT in 2010, followed by around 16000 students in 2011. If we compare these numbers against the total GATE (all subjects) aspirants i.e over 10 lakh every year, you’ll realize that the extent of competition in GATE BT is very little compared to any other GATE subject. Here I would like to tell that the number of GATE XL aspirants were even small (little over 10,000), but I’m sure that the entire pool of those 10,000 students was completely adept to the GATE XL, well prepared for the exam (which had a long history of being a part of GATE); as compared to any of the GATE BT aspirant.

2.  The second important reason is the “Syllabus and Pattern”. There’s a sharp contrast between the syllabus and pattern of GATE BT and XL. Whereas GATE BT is more inclined towards technical and applied aspects of Biology, GATE XL has an inclination towards the theoretical details of the subject matter. GATE BT is perfectly suited to the curricula of B.Tech Biotechnology, Biomedical and Biochemical students, whereas GATE XL is more suited to MSc students of Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology and for those students who are theoretically better inclined.

My Preparations for GATE 2010

GATE 2010 was scheduled for Feb 14, 2010 (Sunday). To be very frank, I could never keep myself disciplined to prepare seriously for the exam. There were a lot of factors contributing to lack of my zeal to prepare for GATE:

  • The syllabus mentioned by GATE organizers was huge. I couldn’t understand where to start with and how to finish such a long list of topics.
  • As it was the 1st time GATE BT was going to be organized, I couldn’t look for the blueprints and previous year templates.
  • There was no one to guide me.
  • I wanted to give the exam a shot (as I was in 3rd year) and once I’m exposed to the exam, I could prepare well for final year’s GATE. (Note: in 2010, students could appear for GATE even in their pre-final year i.e 3rd year, and GATE score was valid for 2 years. But the current format of GATE doesn’t allow 3rd year students to appear for GATE.

5 days prior to GATE BT 2010

I always had a great interest in attending international conferences. On 9th February 2010, I went to Delhi for attending the 1st International Conference on Biofuels (venue was Le Meridien, New Delhi). The conference was due to end on February 12th, 2010 (Friday). I returned to Jalandhar on February 13, 2010 (just a reminder that I studied in Lovely Professional Univeristy, Jalandhar). And, as a matter of fact, I had forgotten that GATE exam was scheduled on 14th February! It was in the night of Saturday, February 13th 2010 that I found the GATE admit card in my book shelf! And I was literally in a state of “wow”. The first thing I looked for was “Time and Venue”: and I realized that I was living almost 40 kilometres away from my examination venue, where I was supposed to reach by 9:30 am on a “Sunday” morning (when any kind of transportation is ‘the most scarce!’). Ironically, I wasn’t even thinking about the level of preparation for the exam, all I wanted to achieve was “appearing for the exam”.

The “Day of GATE 2010”

It was probably the 1st Sunday of my B.Tech degree that I woke up at 7:00 am in the morning, and that too without any alarm. I felt a little feverish (most probably out of the anxiousness of the exam). Not realizing that I was in my night suite, I just moved out of my house to look for some conveyance to reach the out-skirts of Jalandhar where the venue was located. The clock somehow appeared to be ticking very fast! I had no clue as to when did it rush from 7:00 am to 7:30 am, and I was still 40 km away from the venue, waiting for some bus/auto/anything to board. After a wait for around 2hrs, I found an Auto-rickshaw wala at 8:45 am. I rushed to him and requested him to help me reach the venue as it was a very important exam for me (these words proved costly though in terms of the money I had to shell out 😛 ). He drove super fast ( I remember asking him to keep maintaining the speed but make sure that I reach alive! 🙂 ). I reached the venue alive, but I was late by 10 minutes! There was a distinct silence in the classroom. I saw every head clinging close to the question paper and shading dark circles in the answer sheets. My heart was pounding at over 120 beats a minute. I quickly grabbed my question paper, unsealed it and took out the OCR answer sheet.

My Sub-conscious Strategic Answering

The moment I opened the question paper I somehow started feeling relaxed to discover that there were just 65 questions and I had 3 hours in hand to answer them! Then I started looking for 1 mark questions. There were a total of 25 questions in a stretch each carrying 1 mark. I started answering them. I answered only those questions which I could comprehend within 10-15 seconds (almost sure of the answer). I just wanted to see how many questions are there which I’m totally sure of. Within 10-12 minutes of having started marking the answers, I was over with the 25 questions. I had answered 16 questions. I was content with my status. Before moving forward to the next section, I browsed through the paper to look for any more 1 marks question. I found 5 more 1 mark questions in the last section of the paper. But those were related to aptitude. I started answering these as well, and within 3 minutes, I was done with these as well. I marked 3 out of the 5 aptitude questions. So, overall, out of 30 questions carrying 1 mark each, I answered 19 questions. At this very point, I was feeling extremely relaxed—I had gone through half of the paper (though answered only 19 of them) in just 15 minutes. Overall, only 35 questions were remaining with over 2.5 hours in hand.

Next, my focus shifted to all 2 marks questions. Technically all 35 questions were 2 marks questions, but out of these, 8 questions were common data and linked questions. i.e Four questions having 2 sub-questions (carrying 2 marks) each. I avoided doing the common data and linked questions; and rather focussed on the individual 2 marks questions (27 in number). Out of these 27 questions, 22 were core biotech questions and 5 were aptitude questions. Following the same approach of quick comprehension of the questions (without spending a lot of time on every question), I tried to answer these 2 marks questions. After half an hour of quick surfing through the questions, I had answered 12 biotech questions and 4 aptitude questions of 2 marks each. So, within 1 hour, I had gone through 57 questions (answered 35) out of total 65.

With 2 hours still in hand, I jumped to the common data and linked questions. I still remember that the first common data question was related to Bioprocess Engineering. Being a 3rd year student, I wasn’t exposed to Bioprocess yet (actually a course on Bioprocess had just commenced in our degree course). Following my strategy of fast comprehension of questions, I immediately skipped the 1st common data question (i.e 2 questions of 2 marks each). The next common data question was about alpha helical protein structure (a numerical was there). I answered that quickly. Next were linked questions, both of which were very quickly answered. I remember, one of the linked pair was on simple “mean” and “standard deviation” calculation! This phase of answering the common data and linked questions lasted around 30 minutes.

So, within half time, I had gone through all 65 questions, and had answered 41 out of them. In the next half I decided to take calculated risks (trying to reach to the answer through different approaches like option elimination, thorough brain storming). I went through all the remaining 24 questions (except for that Bioprocess Common data pair which I was certain of not being able to answer). So, out of the 20 remaining questions, I took risk on 4 questions, making my total attempt to 45 questions. This phase took around 45 minutes. I still had 45 minutes in hand, during which I cross-checked my attempts to make sure that none of the options were wrongly marked by mistake.

Before the bell rang, marking the end of examination, I had gone through entire paper thrice, with a total attempt of 45 questions out of 65 questions. I was pretty sure of most of my attempts, but I had no clue whether my attempts were sufficient enough or not.

If we see it in terms of the marks, I had attempted the paper for 64 marks out of total 100.

Between 14th Feb 2010 and 15th March 2010

This period was the most anxious one. I was never bothered by GATE before I appeared for it, but after 14th of Feb 2010, I don’t remember a single day when I didn’t browse through different websites to look for the solutions and probable cut-off. The search was obviously not going to bear any fruits. Very few websites were there where biotech students shared their experiences, but all of them were “worried and clueless” about their fate. That’s when I decided to solve the paper entire paper. Searching the books and internet, I managed to draw solution (with enough detail to support the answers) to every question. In this process, I realized that I might hardly manage 50-55 marks in GATE 2010 out of total 100 (though I was super cautious in answering the questions in GATE, still I had marked wrong responses to a few questions, but I was happy that the risks I had taken, had gone correct!). Scoring just 50% marks won’t let me anywhere, that’s what I thought and became hopeless of making any mark in GATE 2010. But I had my lessons and idea about GATE now, and somehow was too eager to appear for the next GATE i.e GATE 2011.

GATE results were supposed to be out on 15th March 2010. Till then I remained active on social media and blogs to share my answers. I was literally amazed by the queries I used to get for the solutions (though I was just another student). People used to ask me the probable cut-off, but I was actually clue-less about this very question and in-fact “what would be the cut-off?” was the question whose answer even I was seeking. Like every other student who had appeared for GATE, I was madly waiting for GATE 2010 results now.

15th March 2010: GATE 2010 is out

Finally, the dawn of 15th March 2010 marked the day which could seal the fate of thousands of students across the country. I was one of them. The result was supposed to be out at 10:00 hrs. At sharp 10:00 hrs on 15th March 2010, I tried to login with my Registration Number: BT 3051047. The result was very much expected: “I couldn’t login”. Either I hadn’t cleared the exam or it was due to over loaded server at that moment. I tried again..

What I saw on the screen of my laptop at that very moment was unbelievable! It read:

Examination Paper: BT-Biotechnology

Number of Candidates Appeared in this paper: 11276

All India Rank: 44

Marks out of 100: 55.67


35.52 : General Category 31.96 : OBC 23.68 : SC/ST/PD

I couldn’t believe this! I immediately closed the GATE website window and asked my friend sitting beside me (unaware of the fact that I was looking for GATE result) to visit the IIT Guwahati website and fetch the information about the GATE result of BT-3051047 as my computer wasn’t working. He did, and I realized that what I actually saw on my computer screen was indeed true! He was amazed and so was I. We immediately calculated my percentile using the formula suggested by IITG:

Percentile (P) = [(N – Rank)/N] * 100

N = Total Students appeared for the exam

Rank = Your Rank

and what I witnessed on calculating the same was:

Percentile = 99.60979070592408

Wow!! we both exclaimed to know my percentile.

My GATE 2010 Scorecard
My GATE 2010 Scorecard


My life was going to change, I had started getting this high feeling now. It was no ordinary feat, and within next 1 hour, the effect could be seen. From just an entry no. 7040070056, I became popular as a person in my University. From advertisement boards to TV channels, the administration of Lovely Professional University spread the news of my GATE qualification every where around! I was ecstatic and I still cherish that day of 15th March 2010 which indeed wrote the first chapter of my better future ahead.

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  1. Awesome experience. Can you further guide on how to do time management.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Thanks..time management is something one fights throughout his/her life. For GATE biotech I would suggest to devote atleast one hour a day to cover the important subjects. I will definitely post an article on the important subjects and topics one should focus on. Meanwhile, my suggestion is that do spend sometime every day to thoroughly pursue the previous year GATE BT and GATE XL (biotech part) question papers. Try to comprehend every question in detail. It will help you a lot.

  2. Which books did you follow to crack Biotech BT ?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Sachin,

      I’ll be posting an article on this topic too, with some details on important topics. Please refer the Exams -> GATE-BT section of the website in few days.

  3. apoorva gupta

    hii sunil
    wonderful experience written by you…!!!
    well next year i will also appear for GATE exam though my preparations have started late..but i am going through the important topics mentioned by you..but i have a query did you make notes or you studied directly from books??

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Thanks Apoorva!

      I preferred making notes of important topics/points while studying thoroughly for the 1st time. Those notes become handy for later and last minute revisions.

      All the best for GATE!

      For any other query feel free to post the comments.

      Best Regards

  4. Its so great to listen this journey of you from you…so inspirational and wonderful.
    I really thank you for thinking differently and to made an effort to share this with all of us.Generally, people learn from their failure but you gave us a chance to learn from your experience and success…really helping.
    thanks..thanks a lot !!!
    I also want to ask..that without maths is it possible to clear gate..?

    • Hello Sandhya,

      Sorry for the delay in moderating the post. Thanks a lot for your words of admiration. I hope what ever I post not only will help you all, but also urges that conscious that you’ll join this chain of helping others with your success story (or just story).

      And, yes, without Maths you can clear GATE (not more than 2-3 questions are asked from hardcore mathematics (that too from Matrices, Stats and Probability only, which is not a hard nut to crack)..but as Bioprocess Engineering does need a fair knowledge of differentiation, integration and algebra; so I won’t completely rule out the importance of Maths in GATE (or even Biotech)..aptitude part too needs some knowledge of mathematics at times…
      But at the same time there is enough portion of core Biotech (Immuno, Cell Bio, Mol Bio, Microbio etc) in GATE BT and XL, that if you are an expert in all these subjects, you may make it even without Maths.

      Hope it answere your query.

      All the best


  5. Richa Agrawal

    Hi Sunil,

    I would like to congratulate you on your success (though its quiet late). I will be appearing for GATE 2015 and CSIR NET June 2015. I have done integrated B.Tech -M.Tech biotechnology from JIIT, Noida and passed out in 2014. I wish to know , whether a gap of six-seven months after the passing degree would prove as a barrier in my selection in any of the premiere institutes (like IIT) in Ph.D. programme. I also want to ask whether integrated course would be a problem in getting calls from various colleges.
    I also would like to ask about when , will you post the interview experience at various IITs. I would also request you to give some inspiring and guiding material on how you cracked CSIR NET.

  6. Hello Richa,

    Thanks for the wishes! First of all, gap in education is never a barrier if you clear the competitive exams (you can easily make a point that you seriously wanted to pursue the preparations , as your aim was to reach the xyz institute).

    Integrated course won’t be a problem. In fact your integrated course can be an advantage over all those who are just B.Tech and still look for direct admission to PhD.

    I have already posted all my interview experiences in “EXCLUSIVE” section of the website (please refer the top right corner of the menu bar)..I hope you would find them useful..

    And, I’ll definitely try to post some experience on CSIR NET as well soon..

    Hope I covered most of your queries. All the very best!

    Best Regards


  7. hi , first of all congratulation. I am doing bsc biotechnology and want to know that is i am eligible for gate bt after completing my bsc biotech or i have to do msc for that ?

  8. Bharat Bhushan Negi

    Hello Sir

  9. Bharat Bhushan Negi

    Dear Sir
    Thanks for making nice forum of suggestion with
    I have done my B.Tech. Biotechnology in the
    July 2015 from Shoolini University, Solan (H.P.).
    I got an offer from Wochardt Biotech Park, but I
    did not have so far join. Because they were
    asking me for production department with 2
    years of bond, but my interest is on R&D. So I
    am thinking to drop one year for preparation of
    GATE Biotech 2016. I just want to know that
    which one is better MS(R) or M.Tech for the
    person like me to do Masters degree from IITs ?
    My area of interests are in Biomedical,
    Biotechnology, Bioremediation , Biochemical,
    Agricultural and Food Technology. I want to go in
    R&D sector. I want be a Scientist, so i want your
    suggestion. How much of salary i can expect
    after Masters from IITs ? What will be minimum
    salary ?
    Please reply me as soon as possible. I look
    forward for hearing from you.
    Bharat Bhushan Negi
    B.Tech. Biotechnology
    Shoolini University, Solan (H.P.)

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Bharat,

      My suggestion would be to go for Wochkardt, sign the two year bond, get the experience and then apply directly for a PhD at Delft Netherlands or NUS Singapore for pursuing research in your field of interest. Wockhardt is a nice brand name, so better not to skip the opportunity. It will eventually fetch you nice position as a Scientist in long run.

      Talking about research career, MS is always better.
      After Masters from IITs, average salary goes arounf 5-7lpa.

      My perception says, your career path should be like:
      Wockhardt->PhD->Junior Scientist ->Senior Scientist

  10. Bhavadharani

    I am really afraid that I am having only 5 months in hand for preparation can you please tell me the best way to utilize this time..

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Bhavadharani,

      Sorry to you too for the delayed response…the comment approval took a lot of time for me to see this query…

      The best way would be “Practising as many mock tests as possible and being thorough with each and every question from the previous years…

      All the best and stay confident!

  11. Hii..tats was a life changing exam..wit a good experience..I m currently pursuing MSC biotech could u suggest me which subject would be better to choose like biotech or lifesciene for gate?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Sowmya,

      GATE BT will be a good choice considering the fact that you are pursuing MSc in Biotechnology only. To further strengthen your belief, I would suggest you to go through the types of questions asked in last two GATE BT and GATE XL exams, you’ll get the idea of where your comfort lies..

      Hope it helps

  12. Hi sir.. I am very much inspired from your story. I also want to do well in gate 2017 but I have only 3 months left and dont knw wat to do because I HV not started preparing yet. Can you suggest me like what subjects I have to focus more and wat subjects hv to focus less. I seriously want to crack exam in this short span of time and how much time I have to give for each subject in a day.Can you suggest me some tricks topic to get good marks I’m gate 2017. I vl b highly thankful to you.

  13. Dear Mr.Sunil,

    Big Achievement. Congrats.

    Once we cracked the GATE, what is the next step we have to do? Like Online registration, Arranging certificates, ect….

    Please tell me clearly.

    • Thanks a lot for your wishes!

      Once you crack GATE, you will have to apply ‘online’ at various IITs. An application window is opened, wherein a person is asked to specify his GATE score/ marks and branch of choice. There is an application fee associated for each branch you apply at.

      This window remains open for 10-20 days post which a cut-off is released based on the applications and all eligible candidates are invited for screening. Not all IITs release personal invitations to the eligible candidates (a candidate is expected to check the status of his application online most of the times).

      If you get selected for screening, you are expected to bring along:
      1. A resume (optional but helps)
      2. Your Project file
      3. Your GATE score card
      4. Your identity proof
      5. Copy of 12th marksheets

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes

  14. Thank you so much Mr.Sunil

  15. Superb achivement sir………. and thanks for sharing such a brillant experience it really help me for appear Gate BT 2017 which is near ………….
    I prepare for Gate Bt and i really afraid of exam whether i got good marks or not ??? Have a so much exam fever and fear also…….. how much question i should attempt m basically from Msc biotech student so math is not so good….. so really have fear of exam ….but sir really from core of heart thank you so much for sharing your experience..

  16. Ankita Sharma


    I went through an outstanding your story ” My Experiences with GATE BT more than 99 percentile” subsequently i deeply motivated and intend to follow your dedicated path. I am a 4th semester BE Biotech students from Raipur Chhattisgarh. In this semester I have to attend training from reputed Institutions/companies. You are requested to guide me to opt suitable areas of biotechnology along with the companies/venues in this regard. In the future I intend to pursue research as a scientist and also want to clear GATE.
    Thanking you
    Waiting for your response

    Ankita Sharma

  17. Rahul Murkibhavi

    Hi Sunil,

    I have completed my Btech in Biotechnology from Visvesvaraya Technological University in 2013 and due to some economic problem, I had to take up the job in a different firm which is totally unrelated to my field of study due to the repayment of the education loan which I had borrowed for my Btech. But now I have almost paid the loan and have started preparing for GATE 2018. However, I still haven’t quit my job because I have to support my family as well. I need your guidance in knowing if I can prepare for the same along with the Job and I am referring to GATE TUTOR-2017 by Arihant. Kindly advise if I have to quit my job or if not how can I manage time, since my working hours are 10:00am-7:00 pm & 12:00 pm- 9:00 pm every alternative week. I have decided to clear this in one single attempt so please help me out.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Rahul,
      You really don’t need to quit your job. And you must not stress yourself with GATE preparations. Go topic by topic and set small targets (achievable ones) for yourself every week. Even if you don’t complete the syllabus (no one does!), a cool state of mind will do wonders. Focus on topics related to Microbiology, Immuno and Bioprocess first, then shift to other subjects. Every week, attempt one previous year paper (keep looping through this process even when you have finished with all previous year papers over time…special focus on the organising institute)…get in touch with me at

      All the best!

  18. akash kumar

    Dear sunil sir.
    congrats for big achivement. thanks for share making nice forum of suggestion with experinence.
    im the student of btech biotechnology 3rd year in mangalayatan university aligarh i will very confused where do will traning plese reply me

  19. shagun rana


    • Sunil Nagpal

      Given your B.TECH IN FOOD TECHNOLOGY, you must opt for GATE in FOOD TECH only. That will be easy to sail through..

  20. Hi Sunil Sir,congrats to u on your achievements.I’m getting BT Btech at NIT Warangal & i’m eager to know about the future benefits of Biotech if I opt it(as coleege is damn good + I don’t have any problem with bio) .

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Aniket,

      Go for it without a doubt…

      (what other options do you have??)

      [Biotech has bright prospects especially in the field of Computational Biology, Bioprocess and Clinical Research]

  21. Sai lalithya

    Hi sir,
    I am studying M.Sc. integrated biotechnology. I want to do M.Tech in Industrial biotechnology. So, I want to write Gate examination. Am I eligible to do M.Tech in Industrial biotechnology through Gate.

  22. Sir,i am a student of biotechnology too. I am a student of bio stream in class 12th..and I am also weak in maths. I am confused in GATE BT and GATE XL…Some people says that XL is easy so you go for that… please suggest me

  23. Presently i am doing my msc in biotechnology. Will mtech biotechnology be a better option or phd be the option?
    If mtech then will it be a good choice to seat for gate bt or gate xl?
    Thanks in advance!!????????

  24. Dear Sir

    It was truely enchanting to know your story. Noted down so many important minutes from your success tale. I don’t want to bore you with my life story. But badly in need of advice from someone like you!
    I have done my M.Sc in Mol Bio & Biotechnology from University of Kalyani, west bengal, Govt University in 2013. I was offered MS-PhD dual program in 2015 from Texas Tech University. But due to visa denial under 214B I coudn’t avail the program and due to some personal reason I had to join in a company as CST member which I have never wished in my career . So now I want to go back to R&D or Q&C department in any pharmaceutical/biotech based company.
    Which program can save my career, M. Tech or PhD according to you? As I am no more fresher and changed my job profile by taking up CST, so not accepted by many Biotech based company.
    Sorry If I took a lot of precious time from your busy schedule.
    Thank you
    Take Care

  25. Sir I want to pursue agriculture biotech or environmental biotech after btech biotech Sir I am preparing for gate bt Sir will which colleges can offer me

  26. Aakash Yadav

    Respected Sir,
    I am Aakash Yadav,a 3rd year undergrad and i have started preparing for gate bt 2019 exam and for it i joined GATEFORUM online test series which i read in an interview of Ameya dravid(gate bt 2017 AIR-2)and i found it to be useless,its questions are not at all related to gate and since then I am not able to find a good test series to join or a good book having MCQ questions apart from previous year questions.So, can you please help me?

  27. Shreeya Mohapatra

    I wanted to ask that.. I am now actually having bsc in botany. Can I take msc in biotech? And if so, which entrances should I go for? And can I appear in GATE after bsc botany?

  28. sir
    iam praveen studying 1st year b-tech botecnology ,iam intersted in GATE BT ,so please can you give me some suggestions .how to preapre from nowanwards …

  29. I want to know the subject wise marks distribution in GATE BT. Can you please help me with that?

  30. Hello sir..

    My name is muralee and I have passed my biotechnology 2017,I had appeared Gate 2018. .but my results is disappointing me..When I read your experience in Crack of gate Bt. something I have hope ,encouraging myself to take good mark in 2019.. I am very happy to thank you for your work gave courage to me…

    And how to prepare gate bt syllabus Sir?
    I am not good in maths while I try to learning maths because of my academic background is totally life sciences and I would like to prepare gate to start initial level?

  31. Hey!!
    Congratulations on your wonderful result and amazing blog. I am very curious to know what are you upto these days in the field of biotechnology? I am pursuing my Bachelor’s from IIT Delhi and is quite confused about its scope in India apart from being a professor. It would be great if you could share some insights.
    Thankyou in advance!

  32. Krutika Talegaonkar

    Hello sir.I am a B. Tech, Biotechnology, Final year student from NIT Durgapur. I have an offer from INTAS biopharma but the salary they are offering is very less. Also I am getting around 65/100 marks in GATE. My interest is in biomedical and Biochemical. So my preference for applying for M. Tech would be in iit Delhi or iit bombay. If I don’t get them I am planning to join Intas Biopharma. I wanted to know abt job opportunities in core sector after m. Tech from iitd or iitb.

  33. Hie sir, I just came across this post and felt you are the right person to ask for guidance.Sir I am a post graduate with integrated Mtech degree in Biotechnology.I just cleared GateBT 2018 with 758 rank and 428 score. Sir I am interested in teaching . SO Sir can you guide me as to where i can apply for the same on basis of gate score .Also please let me know if there are any psu’s that recruit biotech students on basis of gate score.

  34. Congratulations sir.. Your story has actually encouraged mee ?

    I wanted to know which field have you choosen for mtech.. I mean is it biotechnology or specialisation subjects like biochemistry, genetic engineering etc

    Actually I am even eager to know what are you upto now..


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