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Post GATE Experiences: Interview Experience at IIT Bombay

iitbClash of Interviews, Short Notice and the Train Ticket!

The last 10 days of April 2011 were highly eventful for me. On 22nd of April 2011, I got a mail from IIT Kanpur for the interview process, on 27th April 2011, I got a mail from IIT Madras, and on 28th April 2011 I got a mail from IIT Bombay! My worst fears were about the clash of interview schedules of different IITs. The fears turned true when I realized that IIT Madras and IIT Kanpur had a perfect clash of their interview schedules (both scheduled for May 24, 2011), which meant that I would have to sacrifice one of the IITs. While I was still in the anxiety of having lost a chance (upon reading the mail from IIT Madras on 27th April), I received another e-mail with subject “Admissions to M.Tech. Programme 2011-12” from IIT Bombay on 28th April 2011. I was yet to open the mail that I started fearing about a probable clash here as well. But to my relief, there was no clash here atleast, I took a sigh of relief. Upon reading the mail, I realized that the information from IIT Bombay arrived on a really short notice, as my screening for IIT Bombay was scheduled for May 11-13th 2011, i.e just 12 days after receiving the information! I had applied for 2 departments/centres:

a. Department of Biosciences & Bioengineering

b. Centre for Environmental Sciences & Engineering

I had got the call from both of them.

My immediate concern was to book a train ticket (wasn’t financially sound enough to book a flight ticket!). But, getting a confirmed ticked for such a short notice travel was completely out of question! Nevertheless, I booked a ticket in Firozepur Janta Express at a waitlist of above 80 in sleeper class for a journey scheduled to commence on May 9, 2011. By May 8, 2011, the waitlist had miraculously reduced to 12. I had still tried to book my ticket under tatkal quota but to no avail. But, I was almost certain that my seat will get confirmed given the current waitlist being 12 at that time. But, God probably had different plans for me.  After charting, my final status was “W/L 1”, nothing could be more disappointing than this! My status was frozen at waitlist 1! And as I had made an online reservation, my ticket got void! In short-on May 9, 2011 morning, the day my journey was scheduled, I had NO TICKET in hand!


On May 9, 2011, I reached New Delhi railway station at 1:00 pm. I enquired about every possible way to get a reserved ticket to Mumbai (current reservation, black, agents of Ajmeri Gate, everything) but I couldn’t get a ticket. During all my efforts, the clock had ticked over 2 hours, and it was already 3:30 pm. Then I enquired about the next train to Bombay and took a general class ticket for a journey till Mumbai (it cost me hardly 250 rupees). At around 4:30 pm Paschim Express arrived at the railway station. I searched for the TT of the train. I explained him my situation, but he said that had there been any sleeper/a.c seat available, he would have offered me the same (but the train was totally booked) with a huge waiting list already. He advised me to take the penalty slip and board the Sleeper class boggy for a relatively comfortable journey compared to the general class. I agreed to his point and paid Rs 430 towards penalty for boarding the sleeper class. Till Mathura station, my journey was comfortable as one of the seats was vacant and I travelled till there on that seat. Thereafter, my only place to sleep during the entire night was the ‘floor of the boggy’. But there was a relief, “I would definitely reach Mumbai atleast, no matter how bad the conditions are”. Throughout the journey of over 16 hours I listened to “Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas hai Khuda” song, somehow it kept purging some support and confidence. I reached Mumbai on May 10, 2011 at around 2 pm and entered IIT Bombay in Powai region at around 4:30 pm.

My Screening Schedule

Written Test for Department of Biosciences & Bioengineering (BSBE): at 11:30 am on 11 May 2011 (Main Building. MB1,MB2)

Direct Interview for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE) at 9:30 am on 12 May 2011 (Interview Only).

The Written Test of Biosciences & Bioengineering(BSBE)

The written test at BSBE was scheduled for 11:30 am. I had sufficient time to sleep well and get rid of all the fatigue. Upon reaching the venue for the test, an announcement was made for segregation of students with Mathematical background and Biology background in 12th. I was amongst those who hadn’t enrolled for mathematics in 12th class, so I was assigned to the group with Biology background. It was told to us that the students with Biology background will be tested for their Mathematical skills and those with Mathematical background would be tested for their Biology skills. It was a sort of surprise for both sets of groups. But all of us appreciated the segregation, as it would eliminate the chances of bias, as well as  filter out only the perfectly interdisciplinary candidates.

I was very much comfortable with the segregation as I had been thorough with the Mathematics of 11th and 12th CBSE standard during my preparation for GATE 2011, and during my B.Tech. My best guides were the NCERT books (I had studied each and every chapter of the NCERT books thoroughly. As I got the question sheet, I found out that it was a theoretical test. There were 5 questions in the test. First question was on Limits and Continuity, Second was on Integration, Third was on Collision (Physics concept), Fourth was on Trigonometry and vectors and Fifth was from Work and Time. I comfortably solved all 5 of them and exited the hall within 20 minutes. And friends, I must say, I would still thank the simplicity of NCERT books that not only lowered the burden of content but also provided crisp and precise conceptual comprehension. I would recommend every “Non-Mathematical” background student to follow the NCERT Mathematics of 11th and 12th for making themselves sound in Mathematics.

The Result of Written-test and the “4-minute Interview Experience”

Though I was very much confident of my written test, I couldn’t underestimate the performance of other candidates. The result of the written test was published at 4:30pm on May 11, 2011. There was a rush of students towards the list attached to the Notice Board. I drilled through the crowd to have a glance of the list, and a smile embraced my face to see my name at the second number of the list (I have no idea whether the list was according to the performance in the test or it was just a random order), but I was just ecstatic to know that I had made it to the interview level. We were informed that the interview was scheduled for May 12, 2011 at 9:30 am (exactly the same time as Environmental Sc. & Engg.). I decided to give priority to the Department of Biosciences & Bioengineering as it was my core field.

During the night of May 11, 2011, I rehearsed for some expected questions like:

  • “Why Lovely Professional University?”
  • “What’s your interest?”
  • “Why do you want to join us”?
  • “Tell us about your project”

I slept around 11:30 pm after setting an alarm for 7:00 am.

Next, day I reached the venue for interview well in time. We were around 50 students short-listed for interview, out of which 20-25 were destined to be selected.

Sub-consciously, I was thinking of the CESE interview as well which I had left for BSBE. It was around 12:30 pm that my turn for the interview came. The interview room was a very small cabin with 2 male scientists sitting in front. An arc shaped table separated the interviewers from the interviewee. They grabbed my resume and immediately asked ,”So, you are from “Lovely” professional university?” I replied yes sir! “. I thought probably I’m going to be drilled on my decision to join LPU, but to my surprise, one of the male scientists (I don’t remember the names), sitting to the right of me, asked “Sunil, tell us about your interest, I see that you have done your major project on Biofuels”. I was well prepared to answer this question and responded ,” Sir, my interest is in Environmental Biotechnology”. And both of them said in sync ,” But here we are offering M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering, didn’t you know that?” I replied, yes sir I knew it, but considering the fact that BSBE has good history of working on Bioprocess and Bioremediation, I though there must be a place for me as well”. Then one of them responded in a tone of concern ,” well Sunil, we used to work on Bioremediation long back, but currently our focus for Masters level courses is entirely in Biomedical Engineering. Well, if you would still like to be interviewed we can go ahead. Do you want to be interviewed ahead?” And some how, a “No” came as an answer from me. Both of them then said ,” Sunil, it was nice meeting you, we will suggest you to go to CESE for an interview.” I thanked both of them, and said that I had applied there but it was scheduled for 9:30 am, so I guess I have missed it”. They said, no it must be going on, you just rush for them (they guided me about the venue). I came out of the cabin in a rush (it hardly took me 4 minutes to go through this First Interview after GATE BT!, and I knew that I had thrown away this chance, but somehow I was content too, as Biomedical Engineering wasn’t my interest at all).

Interview at Centre for Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE)

I reached the venue for interview at CESE in a state of restlessness and anxiety. I was wondering if I would be entertained at all or not. I was relieved to see a bunch of students there, they guided me to an administrator who was registering the details of the candidates. I immediately rushed to him, he checked all my documents and asked me to go to a room where my interview will be taken. I didn’t find time to even understand as to what all was happening to me, and directly knocked at the door where I was asked to go. There were two female scientists sitting in the room. Both of them asked me to have a seat. I was literally panting at that time. They asked me as to why I was panting. I narrated my entire experience of BSBE to them. They seemed disinterested by my experience. Then one of the scientists asked me:

So, you are from Lovely Professional University? We have seen a lot of ads of this University”

I responded , “Yes, mam, I’m from LPU. And, yes they do spend a good amount of money on publicity. I guess it’s a part of business plans of most universities these days, LPU is no exception”.

Then a question came that almost shattered my hopes of having a good interview,:

“So, there are ACs in all classes? How are the floors of your university? Made of marble?”

I was in a sense of shock. I looked at their faces for a couple of seconds as if trying to convey that ,”are you really going to ask me such questions?”. And then in a hard tone I responded ,”Yes Mam, there are ACs in every class, the chairs and tables are of supreme quality, floors are made of speck white marbles; and most importantly all my teachers were from IITs”. There was a silence in the room for atleast half a minute!

My response probably conveyed my annoyance. Following that, I got some technical questions fired at me:

“Sunil, derive the formula for half life of a radioactive element on this piece of paper”

I was extremely comfortable in Bioprocess Engineering, and my knowledge of growth kinetics came to use that day. I just derived the formula for “Doubling time” of a biomass, and represented it as the formula for half life by amending the boundary conditions. It hardly took me 10-15 seconds to do so, and they liked the quick response.

Then they asked a trivial question to test my analytical skills. How much time it will take for a 50 gram protonium piece to reduce to 25 gram if it takes 10 ms for a 1 gram piece to reduce to 0.5 gram. I immediately responded ,”Same time mam”

Then the question came ,”Why Carbon monoxide is harmful?

For a student of biology background, this was another trivial question. I explained in detail about the high affinity of carboxyhaemoglobin for oxygen, as compared to that of haemoglobin. Presented some extra details and they seemed content with my answer.

Their next question seemed to test my basics ,” Why do we exhale Carbon dioxide“?

I thought for a couple of seconds to decide whether I should give a biological detail or keep it simple. Assuming them to be non-biology people, I decided to answer in a very basic way. “Mam, the food we eat is used to derive energy. It acts as a fuel for our body. But to burn this fuel, Oxygen is needed. So we inhale oxygen for burning this food to combust the food taken in and derive energy. But the food we take-in is actually an organic compound. And as we know, the combustion of every organic compund ultimately leads to production of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). It’s this CO2 which we ultimately exhale through a series of biological processes.

They seemed to have liked my answer. Their next question seemed more towards confirming whether I would really join them or not. They asked, Ok sunil, what would be the preference of choice between CESE and BSBE for you. I replied, Mam, I have already denied to get interviewed by BSBE.

Their next question was, “You didn’t have Mathematics in 12th class. How about your mathematical skills?”

I responded, “Mam I was supposed to appear for test of Mathematics by BSBE. I had cleared it and made it to interview. If you want to test my mathematics skills, I’m open to another written test.” They smiled and said ,”It’s ok”.

Their next question was , ” Do you want to say anything?”

I said , ” I have a deep interest in Environmental Biotechnology, in-fact I have a project plan with me  (I had made a project plan on Chart papers about MFCs, and I showed them the same). If given a chance, I would love to work on it here, either with a faculty or even independently. I hope my candidature will be seriously considered”.

They said, “Thank you Sunil, you will get to know the results in a couple of weeks. You may leave now”

I smiled and thanked them both for interviewing me.

Bursting of the Pani-puri (Golgappa): Result of IIT Bombay Interview

On 27th May, 2011, I was enjoying Pani-puri in the streets of Faridabad with my internship friends. A message came to my mobile. I was holding a pani-puri in my hand and checked the SMS. It read ,” Congratulations! You have been selected for M.Tech in CESE at IIT Bombay. For more details check IITB website.” And that Pani-puri that I was holding got crushed in excitement! All my friends crushed their Pani-purees and we cheered the news together! The memories of that evening are still fresh in the mind and heart.

Hope you liked the experience. For any queries feel free to share your comments.

Best Wishes,




  1. Hi Sunil,

    I did BTech in Biotechnology. I had applied for MTECH in BSBE for Biomedical engineering. I am expecting a call from IIT-B. How should I prepare for the written test? Is CBSE NCERT books enough. I had studies Kerala state syllabus only. So I am little sceptical about it? Also, which chapters I need to give priority for Biology/Maths. Also , whether the test is of MCQ type?


    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Arun,

      I had PCB background, and thus had to appear for Mathematical written test at IITB. The test was not MCQ type, it was like a typical theoretical examination. My paper had a question from Physics as well (elastic collision).

      As far as mathematics is concerned, your focus should be on Differentiation, Integration , Maxima-minima, Trignometry, Probability and Statistics, and Matrices. NCERT books are sufficient for these topics.

      I’m not sure about the questions asked in Biology, but considering the focus of BSBE, it should be from Human systems: Circulatory, Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous system, Excretory etc. Special focus should be on Synthetic organs/parts, diagnostic instruments (like ECG/EEG), Organ culture/Tissue culture, Mammalian cell culture, Nanobiotechnology basics.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes


  2. Thanks Sunil for your valuable information. Also, any tips from your side for preparing for the interview.

  3. Hello sunil bhayya

    i have a small doubt,my gate rank is 138 and i belongs to OBC category does it mean this 138 rank is obtained by considering my category or else it is all india rank without considering my category is so then where does the Category reservation has an Impact/importance.

    Thank you

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Vikram,

      As far as my experience is, your GATE Rank is irrespective of your category. GATE authority specially define “different cut-offs” for different categories, rather than different ranks for different categories. If you could share your GATE score, I’ll be able to tell you more confidently.

      And, the fact that you got a very good rank/score despite being in reserved category, it will further strengthen your chances for selection.

      And, congratulations for your brilliant performance!

      Best wishes


  4. Sunil bhayya

    my Gate 2015 score is 616, bhai i heard that in IIT Gawhati there is Direct Admission for Biotech based on Score is it true,if so may i know the cutoffs …

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Vikram,

      That’s certainly a brilliant score! Evidently it’s irrespective of your category.

      And yes, many IITs (even IITB) offer direct admission based on the GATE score (but the offer isn’t made every year). If the offer is made, it will be displayed on their website only. In any case, you will have to apply through normal procedure..if you clear the direct admission cut-off, you will get the email regarding the same.

      All the best! and well done!

      Best wishes


  5. Vinay Kusuma

    Hello sir,
    i am applying for iiit hyd for mtech bioinfo
    is it a good college with respect to reputation , faculty, placements.?
    i want to work in industry after i do masters, is it a right choice?
    i have gate 2015 bt score of 506 with rank of 350

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Vinay,

      Yes it is a very nice and reputed institute. I hope you have got sufficient interest in programming and bioinformatics to pursue the course. Career prospects would be great if you maintain above 9 CGPA at IIIT. And even for CGPA above 8, it would be nice (but I recommend keeping your CGPA above 9 for an easy and better placement session at IIIT).

      Faculty and Placements are both very nice at IIIT. No worries on that part.

      Looking at your GATE score, you should focus on getting into IITB as well.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes


  6. Vinay Kusuma

    Hii sir
    my score is 506 with rank 350 and percentile 96.07 in gate 2015 bt
    which colleges should i apply?
    my priority is to take up job after mtech
    please advice me accordingly
    thank you

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Vinay,

      IITB, IITM, IITK should be your prime focus.

      Thereafter look for IIIT Hyd.

      You should easily find place in one of the above. If you go for IITM, try opting for Computational Biosciences for an easy entry in the industry.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes


  7. hello sir

    Will you plz, tell me the placement scenerio of iit bombay after doing in biomedical engg, bsbe dept.

  8. Sunil Nagpal

    Hello Sachin,

    IIT Bombay has one of the best placement records. Biomedical Engg. is not an exception. 2 of my colleagues are in fact from IIT Bombay itself.

    TCS (R&D), IBM (R&D), INTAS, Mechanotronics, Strand Genomics, Cognizant, P&G (R&D) are amongst the consistent high package recruiters for the Biomedical Students (M.Tech) of IITB.

    Hope it Helps

    Best wishes


  9. ankit r kurup

    Hi sir,

    i just wanted to ask that if i have a back in btech which will be cleared in july,that means one month after the starting of mtech session,would i still be able to sit in post gate interview and would they let me take admission before my result comes.


    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Ankit,

      As long as you can get a provisional certificate from your university that results are pending and you have completed the formalities / requirement of the degree, you are safe to go.

      They won’t suspend your offer, don’t worry.

  10. Hi sir..

    I’ve just completed my B.Tech in Biotechnology.
    I got a call from DCE for M.Tech biomedical engineering and IITR for M.Tech Nanotechnology. Which do you think is better in terms of jobs and exposure.


    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Deepika,

      That’s indeed a tough call, but I would have gone for IIT Roorkee (just because of its name and tag, which will come handy for placements and higher education in the long run). As a matter of fact, neither DCE’s Biomed nor IITR’s Nanotech boast of great placements. But the very fact that you will have ample opportunity to appear for screening of almost every company that comes to IIT Roorkee (for all branches), should give an upper edge to IITR. You will have to get into placement cell to ensure that every company that comes to IITR is open to your course as well.

      Also, this tag of IIT will help you a lot in grabbing govt jobs and MNC jobs as well, which might be difficult if you are from DCE (personal perception). And, IITR is considered an A band college while DCE is not considered so by many MNCs. PhD in a foreign university will be a lot easier to grab if you are from an IIT.

      Hope it helps

  11. Hello sir

    Thankyou very much for your guidance. Since I’ve done in biotechnology, will it be more advantageous if I pursue masters in the same field.
    Suppose after in nanotechnology, I want to join biotechnology company, will they consider me for the same ??
    Since, I have CSIR NET (JRF), will it help me with anything other than PhD ??

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Deepika,

      The kind of job you procure post Masters/ Bachelors course mostly depends upon the kind of practical experience you hold. So, your projects and internship will define your experience and hence your job.

      It won’t matter if you pursue your masters in Nanotech, as long as your projects are inclined towards Biotechnology (related to the work profile of the company you wish to get job into), you will be eligible for applying there (unless explicitly specified that the job is open solely to Biotechnology professionals).

      Hope it helps

  12. Pawan Kumar Pandey

    dear sir ,
    What strategy should i follow to clear the M.Tech Entrance written test & interview for BSBE deptartment in IIT Bombay my M.Sc dissertation work was not on Biomedical Field but I want to continue my research work in the field of Nanomedcine please suggest me what should I do.

    I had qualified GATE {XL Life Science} in 2016 with AIR 82 and GATE score 692.

    I have done dual M.Sc one in Biotechnology & one in Biochem.
    thanks and regards

    Pawan Kumar Pandey

  13. manish patidar

    sir, my branch is electronics and instrumentation and i got 575 score in GATE 2017 from IN code of GATE,can i get call from IITB,and if yes than please suggest me how to prepare for written test and Interview.

  14. sir i got offer letter from iit bombay for written exam and interview in the course name
    1)technology and development
    2)goinformatics and natural resources
    I did my b tech in civil engineering.
    these courses are good for me?
    final list of qualified students based on written test and interview marks only?
    i want to know about the syllabus of written exam

  15. Rama krishna

    Hello sir,
    I have a gate score of 501 in aerospace engineering, can I get interview call for in Energy Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay.

  16. My GATE BT score is 482.I have an interest in molecular neuroscience and related areas.Looking for Mtech biotechnology or biomedical.Which IITs have good placement with a relatively good package?


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