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MS vs MTech: Shedding the Dilemma

MS vs MTech


The dilemma of choosing between MS or MTech after  B.Tech is quite common. People keep looking for difference between MS and M.Tech. Most of it exists due to the lack of knowledge/awareness about MS or MS(R) courses in India. Students in India are mostly acquainted with M.Tech as the ideal post graduation degree after B.Tech. So, when students confront MS or MS(R) as an option against M.Tech; the conventional ideology gives rise to the expected dilemma. Here’s an attempt to clear all your doubts and confusions, by letting you all know the real difference between the two courses: MS and M.Tech.

Before I start writing about the difference between the two courses, you guys must be wondering as to who am I to tell the difference between the two courses (just in case you haven’t been through other articles of mine and the About Us section of this website). I did MS(R) in Biochemical Engineering from IIT Delhi after B.Tech in Biotechnology from LPU. I went through the same dilemma which most of you would face or would have faced or would have been facing. I took a decision after a long thought process and lots of internet search, faculty consultations and most importantly after pondering over my own interests and goals. So, possibly I have something valuable enough to share with you all, and I hope some of it (if not all of it) might help you take an important decision of your career, today/tomorrow/any-time in future.

What is M.Tech?

 Master of Technology, abbreviated as M.Tech, is the most famous post graduation degree in India for engineering undergraduates. A typical M.Tech degree is aimed at enhancing the skills of the students in some core set of courses so as to confer a specialization. Being a two year degree course, the first three semesters (1.5 years) are inclined towards course work while the last semester (6 months) is a mandatory project. Student may pursue the project within the institution or from some outside institute/industry as well.

(Some institutions have started giving impetus to project work in M.Tech, thereby making it mandatory for the students to do at least 1 year of Project, with some institutions even taking it to 1.5 years. Coursework though continues along.)

Keys points:

1. M.Tech, as the name suggests is technology oriented. Knowledge of technology is gained through studying the courses/subjects and associated laboratory practicals for 1.5 years.

2. Project work is not aggressive, and project reports are submitted just like the way one submits in B.Tech final year.

3. The courses you study and the orientation of final project decide your specialization.

Placement aspects

1. Non-core companies still remain interested in you.

2. Core companies also remain interested in you.

3. You can apply for PhD as well.

Now looking into the aspects of M.Tech you must have been wondering about the utility of an MS course!

What is an MS?

MS is Master of Science. Well, MSc is also Master of Science, but MS is for those who have completed atleast 4 years of undergraduate degree course. So, MS is for Engineering people. But it’s apt for those engineering people who look for a research oriented career in Engineering. A typical MS course has only one semester (1st semester) of course work (5-6 subjects), followed by 1.5 years of project. It’s more popular as MS(R): Master of Science by Research in IITs and IIITs, and many more institutes in India. The major project you pursue is what decides your core specialization in the specialized degree. To put it clearly; I have a core specialization in Scale-up technology and Plant Tissue Cultivation; and I possess the specialization in Biochemical Engineering. Actually I pursued MS(R) in Biochemical Engineering with major project on Scale-up studies of Neem tissue culture in Bioreactors. I joined IIT Delhi in July 2011; and from July 2011 to January 2012 I studied some core subjects and lab classes while from January 2012 to July 2013 I did research on my chosen topic using all the skills taught in 1st semester; and those attained in B.Tech.

Key points:

1. MS is like Mini-PhD. You need to do aggressive research and defend your project (thesis) exactly the way PhDs do.

2. MS is 75% practical research and 25% subjective knowledge.

3. It’s the most preferred degree for core field jobs.

4. Once you have an MS degree, your chances of getting a non-core job are really negligible. In fact it’s a waste of your research if you go for a non-core job after MS.

5. Getting PhD after MS is easy and you’ll be preferred over an M.Tech because of your research experience.

Hope this information helps you in some way.

Feel free to add your queries in comments section.

All the best!

Best Regards


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  1. Hello Sir I am Doing BSc (Agricultural Biotechnology) An four year degree course.
    so after that what should I do
    An MS or M.Tech
    plz tell

    • Sameer Kamble

      Hey there , I’m also a Student ( Agricultural Biotechnology ) . and I’ve qualified Gate – 2018 with AIR- 433. But I’m not sure about the eligibility . B’ cuz they ( IIT/NIT) Ask for B.E / except IIT Kanpur , They clearly mentioned ( 4 year ) programme for BSBE

  2. Sunil Nagpal

    Hi Ashutosh,
    You can opt for any of the two. Your bachelors course is already a specialization, so if you further do a post graduation in the same subject (or in Plant Tissue Culture associated course), it will really make your profile strong for this niche/specialization. If you keep your academic performance in 1st class grade, your career can be very bright for a good PhD/research job.

    Let me know if there’s any other query.

    Best Regards

  3. Very helpful indeed.
    Sir,I would like to know that weather the research jobs after MS have good pay scale?
    Which of them pays back more?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi J Kaur,

      After MS from a reputed institute, you can expect a core job of pay scale ranging from 5.5-7.2 Lakh per annum.

      Best companies being: Biocon, Novartis, Novozymes, Wockhardt, TCS Bioscience, DBT etc

      Jobs of IT (Bioinfo) related MNCs like TCS, WIPRO, Accenture, IBM tend to pay more (if your career have had an exposure to computational biology). Core research jobs easily pay you 5-6 lakh per annum.

      Hope it helps.

      Best Wishes,


  4. I have completed my in biotechnology and want to pursue I.V.F in the future. Which course do you think will be better suited for that purpose?
    Thanking you

  5. Sunil Nagpal

    Hello Margo,

    You will have to pursue a diploma/certificate course from an Institute dealing with training in Reproductive health or through a Hospital of repute that offers such courses/trainings.

    Also, ensure that you participate in a couple of conferences/workshops related to IVF to strengthen your resume.

    or you can go for M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering and pursue a project related to IVF; or you can directly opt for a PhD in an institute that conducts research on Reproductive Health.
    Hope it helps

    Best wishes


  6. what will be the approximate costs for doing MS in biotech in ABROAD(U.S.A/U.K) and INDIA?
    which is economical/beneficial?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Raj Mohan,

      Extremely sorry for the delayed response…there was an approval error at the end of the technical team…
      Avg cost for pursuing MS in US/UK is around Rs 25-30 lakh. In India it can vary between Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 5 lakh (maximum). I am talking about tuition fee alone here.

      Unless you plan to settle abroad, it won’t be a good decision to pursue your masters abroad. India is definitely economical and more beneficial if you plan to settle in India only.

  7. Sir,
    I am G.Kasthuri studying B.Tech (BIOTECHNOLOGY) 3RD year from SNIST i am intrested in studying abroad and i want to go to australia
    Please could you through a ray of light in gudieing me what is the (scope) demand of biotechnology in australia?
    and which branch of biotechnology is in demand in the point of employibilty scope aspect?
    and which universitites do have demand and what is the future career job oppurtunites i.e job profiles and payment scale would be ?

    Thanking you.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Kasthuri,

      Sorry for the delayed response…

      1. It would be more beneficial to pursue a scholarship based PhD than self sponsored MS/Masters.
      2. You may pursue your research abroad in Biochemical/Immunology (Healthcare) or Bioinformatics for a bright career.
      3. Employability rate is high in Australia and Europe.
      4. University of Queensland is ideal to go for.
      5. Pay scale in AUS $ is around 40,000-60,000 for freshers.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes

  8. rachna chawla

    Dear Mr. Nagpal,

    Greetings !

    I am a parent and while doing some research on Biotechnology … i have found this Forum where you have been kindly guiding students about career prospects and and the core subject. all the communication i have seen here is one year old. Please do let me know if you still be able to answer our questions…. I have millions of questions about Biotechnology and urgently need your guidance . Thank you very much – Rachna

  9. Brinda Dacha

    i have completed my class 12th.and i am interested in taking biotechnology.I want to become a bioinformatic specialist. so what are the education requirements i need.after btech.? i want to know all the info regarding job and salary.please help me .

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Brinda,

      For a career in bioinformatics, you should pursue your B.Tech in Bioinformatics and MTech in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. It is a very hot field and has plenty of opportunities in India and abroad. Salary normally ranges between INR 3,00,000 per annum to 12,00,000 per annum for frehsers in India. While abroad, it ranges between US$ 36000 to US$ 60,000 in foreign Nations.

      Hope it helps

  10. Mohamed Marzook

    Hi sir… I’m doing Bsc biotech currently in 1st year.. I’m really interested in this field but I wanna know which field I could chips for my Msc programme like any specialisation course to shine in my career and how much I could expect the salary in India r in abroad… And where I can do my Msc whether in India r any were else.. Plzz suggest me sir.. Thank you


    good morning sir 🙂 ……Anshu here…..sir i am about to take admission in biotechnology but i’m confused that whether should i choose and then pursue my or mba ….or i should do integrated or integrated +mba……..accordingly with respect to job,pay scale and future scope…. My question may sound a bit confusing to you 🙂 …..but plzz help me out sir……i again repeat …….my qs is basically .. (1)which is better integrated course or separate b. tech & course …..(2) or mba…??…….i hope i am clear to you sir…….plz advise me…..and thank you..

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Anshu,

      Separate courses are better. Don’t fall into integrated courses unless it is from a superior institute.

      MBA (if you don’t wish to go for core job in Biotechnology), MTech (if you wish to work in the core technical line).

      Hope it helps

  12. Brinda Dacha

    is it really important to do btech in bioinformatics ? or can i opt biotechnology .?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Brinda,
      You may opt for Biotechnology, but make sure that all your internships/projects are inclined towards bioinformatics.. a masters in Bioinfo will be helpful later on.

      Best wishes

  13. hello sir,

    i am in my 3rd year B.E biotechnology ….sir please could you tell me that after completing my b.e can i pursue msc in food technology …will it be a better choice sir..any benefits ??? is it possible to do msc course after my b.e biotechnology ??

  14. Hello sir!
    Thank you so much for the valuable answers.
    Sir I’m final year student of biotechnology. Sir I’m a bit confused whether I should opt biotechnology or any specialised field like human genetics, medical biotechnology, microbiology etc etc.. In M.Sc
    If special Field than suggest one having good scope.( sir i want to pursue research in future but also want good salary)

  15. Sir, I am in final year of (biotechnology). Please suggest me what are the ways still left to get a good job…either in core or non-core biotech companies (not interested in doing research). Any exam, diploma, etc that can make my profile strong or help towards a good career. Also, please tell me the right strategy to get a job.
    Since my degree is not a specialization in a particular field, I am worried. Your suggestion and guidance will be very valuable for me. Hope for a response.

  16. Sir I in final year (Biotechnology). I don’t want to do PhD. Please tell me what are the other options that can lead to a stable career?
    My projects were mainly based on molecular biotechnology techniques, so what kind of industries would be more beneficial for me?
    What are the exmas available for me after this degree, specifically Government exams ?

  17. hello sir,
    I am doing B.Tech in biotechology (last year),is M.Tech in biotechnology is good or should I do it in specific subject .

  18. Sir I am in M.Tech Biotechnology (final year) and presently pursuing one year internship at CSIR- Indian Institute of Toxicology Research. I am very much inclined towards pursuing a phd degree from abroad. I also have a good background in computational Biology. It would be very kind of you if you can share some thoughts on how I should proceed and what exams should I take. Thanks in advance…

  19. Dear sir,

    Thanks for clearing the difference between mtech and ms. i iam btech electronics and commn and iam keen to do MS in cyber security/information security. please reccommend good institutes for same.


  20. Sir i am pursuing 3rd year biomedical engineering . I am interested in molecular genetics. Which course in iit should i choose?

  21. Dear sir, I am Aishwarya and I am studying 12th. I want to do biotechnology.can you suggest me the best courses for research?
    I want to become a research scientist. Pls give me all info about it and give me guidance.

  22. Hello sir…. I’m studying Btech-genetic engineering 3rd year after that what should I choose I can’t understand ….can u please suggest me sir…..and also I’m interested in doing research on humans…

  23. Hello sir.. I am currently studying btech medical biotechnology want to do carrer in nanomedicine so what type of master degree should I pursue in Germany or India. And mainly my interest to diagnose or treat infectious diseases by using nanoscience technology…can u please suggest me the course based on my interest and also I would like to know the scope in India about nanoscience research

  24. What is the job opportunities ( including assistant professor) for m.s(R) from iit kgp in mechanical engineering.


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