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Tips to Crack PhD at National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore’s flagship university, is widely respected as a leading institution of higher learning. The department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, ChBE (I’m enrolled for PhD in ChBE only) attained World QS Rank 6 in the recent rankings! Infact it has consistently remained amongst Top 10 in the world on QS scale of Ranks. But ChBE is not the only option for Biotechnology/Biology background students to enrol for higher studies in NUS. Following are the departments one can get into at NUS for a Masters or PhD (with Biotech/Biology background):

1. Department of Biological Sciences

2. Department of Biochemistry

3. Department of Pharmacy

4. Department of Biomedical Engineering

5. Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Now, let me answer (or atleast help you people in deciphering) the very basic question: How to get into NUS??


Screenshot from 2014-09-16 22:41:12 Qualifying GATE BT is one of the best bets for getting into NUS for Indian students. Whereas getting admission in IITs requires a very high GATE percentile (above 95 percentile), getting into NUS requires a very modest percentile of 90 only! And, as per my experience, 90 percentile is really very easy to obtain in GATE exam (your rank often stand in 1500-2200 when you get 90 percentile or around) .

You might have some questions in your mind, about the qualifying exams; here are the answers to those obvious questions: (These answers are directly taken from NUS website, so you can trust them blindly πŸ™‚ )

Do I sit for the GRE general or Subject test?
You should sit for the General Test

What is the approximate cut mark in GRE and TOEFL (IBT), should I get to have a fare chance in your institution?
We accept either GRE or GATE (Indian applicants only) scores. The minimum requirement for GATE is 90 percentile. Under the new format the minimum score for GRE should be Verbal Ability: 500 , Quantitative Ability: 700 and Analytical Writing: 3.5. We convert the Analytical Writing score to a scale upon 800 (ie. x/6 * 800) and total the scores for the three components- the sum total should be at least 1800.

The minimum TOEFL score for the IBT is 85. We can also accept IELTS results, for which the minimum score is 6. However, if your university course was taught in English, or English is your native language, you do not need to sit for the TOEFL or IELTS test. Most Indian applicants would therefore be exempted.

A*Star Graduate Scholarship (AGS)

AGS is a collaboration between A*STAR Graduate Academy (A*GA) and NGS. It comprises a four-year PhD study tenable at NUS and the PhD degree is awarded by NUS.

It’s for the candidates who are Permanent Residents or nationals of ASEAN countries and are expected to take up Singapore citizenship.


  • Singaporeans and other nationals intending to take up Singapore Citizenship.
  • Applicants must satisfy criteria for and seek admission into NUS PhD programme.
  • Applicants must have obtained at least a Second Upper Class Honours Degree or its equivalent in relevant disciplines.
  • Applicants must have good ‘O’ and ‘A’ level track records. Polytechnic students with a Diploma with Merit will also be considered.
  • Applicants with a strong interest in a research career are preferred.
  • Applicants may submit GRE scores (if available) to be included in the overall assessment of their scholarship application.

Full details can be found over here.


Before getting into the application process, it’s strongly recommended that one browses through the faculty profile of the department he is interested in and contacts the faculty member (under whom he/she wishes to do PhD). Express your research interest and the will to do PhD under the faculty (through e-mail). If possible, do propose a project in the email. If the faculty expresses his/her interest, then you can mention the same in your application form and this will almost ensure you a PhD position in NUS (this is the roadmap that I followed and currently I’m pursuing PhD at National University of Singapore). Following are the links to the details of the faculty members of various departments:


While you should emphasize on getting a strong letter of recommendation from some well renowned/recognized scientist (could be someone from the institute you pursued your internship or someone known in CSIR/IITs or even some recognized scientist of your own institute), but make sure that one of the recommenders must be from the institute you have studied (don’t use all LORs from the scientists out of your institute; atleast one LOR should be from the faculty of your own institute).


Your extra-curricular profile plays an important role in deciding the fate of your “interview”. Candidates with poster presentation experience and publications in their kitty, tend to be preferred for the admission as opposed to those who lack such experience. So, it’s recommended that you should try to participate and present (a poster atleast, which is easy to get qualified for) in some conference/workshop to strengthen your resume and hence the application.


Though it’s might sound trivial, I have a belief that the January intake batches can be relatively easier to crack as compared to the Aug-Sep Batches. Reason is very straightforward-almost every student in India (and abroad) finishes his/her degree in June-July months. So, most of them tend to apply for the September batches for immediate commencement of their higher study. This tends to burgeon the competition level for September intakes as compared to the relatively less targeted January intakes of NUS. So, my personal suggestion would be that apply for January intake and prepare well till that time πŸ™‚


Donot delay your application! That in my view is an extremely important deciding point for a ‘quality application’. If you are going to start preparing for the application process (getting LORs etc) quite late, then most probably you might end up with poor quality LORs and wrongly filled forms, topped with anxiety of delivering the form in time! So, try to start filing your application as soon as possible without lingering.



Interview for PhD is quite easy to crack (if you can contain your anxiety). There are some well defined and easy questions that are asked almost every time; and those who can answer with true grit and confidence, often make it to PhD at NUS. Following are some of the questions you should expect from the interview panel:

1. So, Mr./Ms. XYZ please tell us about yourself.

2. Can you tell something about your University/Institute?

3. We can see that you have worked on this project (your internship), tell us about your project and why you chose that?

4. Tell us about your research interest.

5. Why are you interested in NUS, when IITs are already there in India?

6. What if we don’t have a project matching your research interest? Would you still like to join us?

The way you answer these questions is going to decide whether you’ll reach NUS or not πŸ™‚

But before the interview, there is a small test on English comprehension, writing and Aptitude (a small weight-age is given to that part as well, apart from interview). But that part shouldn’t worry you much, as long as you are sound in English πŸ™‚


If you can afford your own expenses at NUS (don’t need any scholarship) then do mention the same in your application form (it will really boost your chances of selection even if your profile is not that strong. Scholarship based positions are often open for best in class candidates, but if for some reasons, you don’t owe an exceptional profile, but can spend the money to support your education (in the event of unavailability of scholarship position), then you can boost your chances of selection by ticking the check box that you would like to be considered for the position even if a scholarship isn’t available to support your education at NUS.

These were some of the tips which I deem important for consideration. For any other doubt/query, feel free to leave a question in comments section.


All the Best!

Pranjul Mishra

PhD, Systems Biology (Computational Biology)

National University of Singapore





  1. Hello Pranjul ji,
    Your tips are really valuable, thanks for posting this. I am a first class degree holder in B.Tech Biotechnology and I am doing my 8 months cancer research in RGCB, Trivandrum. I am sure that I will crack GATE BT 2015 and also plan to take GRE subject in the coming months. Now I wish to do my PhD in biological sciences at NUS, January 2016 batch. I also have 2 project proposals to pursue my PhD and 3 LOR (1 from scientist E, ICMR and 1 from Scientist E, RGCB and 1 from my HOD). If I tick the check box that I would like to be considered for the position even if a scholarship isn’t available to support my education, will the department recommend me for MOE subsidy? If not what would be the fee that I have to pay per annum? Once Mr. Sunil Nagpal said that Almost every candidate who gets shortlisted for interview is by default considered for TAship (S$2000-2500 per month). Will I get that TAship? What’s the chance of my selection for PhD? Do I have more chance of admission to do MS, biological science with scholarship? Please clear my doubts, Thanks.

  2. Pranjul Mishra

    Hello Mario,

    Thanks for the words of appreciation. I’m happy that you found it useful. And, considering your profile, I’m quite sure that you’ll crack the interview. You may start drafting a mail for one of the faculties here (share it with me first at; use subject of the mail as : Query: Pranjul, I’ll try to polish it if it needs any. You need not mention your Project idea in the mail to be shared with me.) The annual fee can go as high as S$36000. You may find the details of the fee regime here:

    And, I must say that your candidature would be a really strong one (seriously pursue GATE or GRE, one of them will suffice). Your chances of grabbing the TAship are very high (I’m sure you’ll get one). But as it eventually depends upon the interview day, the decision to check the box may or may not help. If you can’t afford the fee in the worst case scenario, then I would suggest you not to check the box (it will ensure that they seriously consider your candidature for the Scholarship with no other option at hand for them. I hope you got my point?). But leave aside all anxiety, I’m sure that you will get the TAship if you crack a good interview. Right now the most important point is to clear GATE/GRE. Sunil bhaiya was right in saying that almost every student is considered for the TAship (unless the interview goes bad enough, but considering the self funding option also chosen by the candidate; he/she might still get a call). So, precisely speaking, checking the box for self-funding option is useful for those who have a weak profile or who aren’t sure to crack a good interview. For you I don’t find the case being so.

    And, I found your profile quite nice; it would be great if you could spare some time to share your experience with the community here (internship/study experience/ about your college/ anything that might help the students at large). After so many years of academic and personal life, all I have learnt is that “Help” is more like a ‘Mirrored Chain Reaction’; your one step to help others can go a long way to help inumerable people around you ; and one day you end up realizing the fact that you are just a part of that noble chain. Once I was helped, today I’m able to help you πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Pranjul Ji for clearing my doubts. I will start my process soon and will mail you the draft asap, Thanks.

  4. Hello Sir,

    Does NUS offer Masters degree in life sciences with a provision for financial aid to indian students?
    And if one has 99 percentile in GATE and 80 percent in graduation(B.E.), what are the chances for obtaining masters???

  5. Hello sir,
    I wanted to know if there is a provision for pursuing masters in life sciences from NUS and also for financial aid for indian candidates having bachelors in life sciences.
    I also wanted to know if having 99 percentile in gate and 82 percent in my graduation would help me obtain scholarship from nus to pursue masters?
    And the option of pursuing from iit-d vs. phd from nus?
    I hope to get a satisfactory answer since i am very confused here.

    Thank you

    • Hi Ankit,

      Really sorry for such a long delay in response..yes there is a provision for Masters in Life Sciences from NUS (but as I keep saying, please prefer PhD; your GATE and Graduation profile is a perfect match for getting a call for interview).

      As I said earlier, NUS prefers to offer scholarship to PhD students first. You may or may not get financed for Masters, but you’ll definitely get financed for PhD. Again, your 99 percentile and 82% are well above the average score needed to get a call from NUS.

      And, apply at IITD as well, but if you crack both, prefer NUS.

      If you still need any more assistance, feel free to post your query here.

      All the best!


  6. Hello sir,

    I am in my final year(b.e. biotech) with approx 80 percent.

    What is the present job scenario in biochemical IITD?? Core and non-core both included.

    And would pursuing mtech preferable or getting a non-core job since i, as an undergrad in biotech, do not want to pursue phd but can do mtech if it helps further my job prospects.

    So does pursuing mtech amplifies job prospects or should one just improve his math, english skills and prepare for mba instead of investing two years in mtech?

    Please reply asap as you are an experienced person who has been through IITD and knows about the life sciences dilemmas.

    Thank You

  7. Hi Kush,

    I would suggest you to pursue M.Tech in core field, only if you want to pursue a career in Biotech ahead. M.Tech is a specialization; so it inclines your career more towards core field than non-core.

    At IITD, the prospects of landing a job after M.Tech/MS are bright. You can get both core and non-core jobs. Core companies that have been popular with IITD are: Biocon, Dr Reddy, Novozymes, Wockhardt and TCS Biosciences R&D. And since the intake for MS at IITD is very small : 4-8 students only; so competition for these companies isn’t much. Most of the B.Tech students of Biochemical at IITD prefer non-core jobs.

    Now about non-core jobs at IITD for MS people. Very frankly, B.Tech people are always preferred; but you are allowed to enter the job process of Evalueserve, Flipkart, Fractal Analytics, Barclays Consultancy, Roundone, Goldman Sachs and many more. Getting the job is all upto the talent of the student.

    I guess it should help you in making a decision depending upon your future aspirations.

    All the best


  8. Hello Sunil Sir,

    Thank you for replying to my query sir.Really appreciate your opinion since it gave a clear picture of the current scenario to a much better extent.

    I am really interested in bioprocess engineering and also wanted to know about companies that hire bio process engineers in india or abroad.

    I also did a 2 month summer internship in IITD under A.S rathore sir in bioprocessing and bioanalytics lab. So would this be considered as a research experience during my interviews since it is a very short time in a lab.

    Thats why i thought of gate as the best option.

    Thank You

  9. In India, you can rely on Biocon and Wockhardt as potential recruits if you make it to IIT. Other good companies are Praj Industries and Himalaya Drug Company. And abroad, prospects of getting Engineering Doctorate at Delft Netherlands (specially designed for Bioprocess people) are very bright. It’s a combination of study+industry experience. You can opt for Research Officership in NUS. Can apply at P&G as well (India and abroad). CSIR labs always welcome IIT post grads for Scientist positions (salaries start at 60-70K).

    Though your 2 month summer internship might not be counted as a research experience but definitely it will boost your profile and will greatly suppor your profile if you make it to interviews.

    Also try to pursue 6 months project too from some IIT. It will help.

    All the best for GATE 2015!

    Best Regards

    • Hello Sunil bhaiya,
      You mentioned that CSIR labs welcome pg student from IIT’s for scientist position. Is M.Tech alone enough for scientist position? Don’t they need Ph.D and post doc experience?

  10. Thanks a lot sir, you are truly inspiring……

  11. Hello sir,

    what is the difference between ms and mtech in iit?
    and why is the intake small in ms compared to mtech?

  12. Hi Kush,

    MS and M.Tech are two completely different Post Graduate programs which aren’t offered by many IITs (only IIT Madras and IIT Delhi, according to my knowledge, offer MS course in Biotechnology). MS is more popular as MS(R): MS by research in IITs. Whereas in M.Tech course students are expected to have 3 semester of course work and 1 semester of Major Project; in MS(R)\, students are expected to undergo 1 semester course work and 3 semester project work (i.e more focus on practical research). Being a core research program, it inclines your career towards core field and that too in research. Landing in non-core jobs after MS(R) is difficult.

    Just FYI; MS(R): Master of Science in Research; and it’s open to only those who have completed atleast 4 years of Undergraduate education i.e B.Tech or MSc.

    Intake is small for the specific reason of being research oriented course and thus faculty takes in students according to their research and project requirements.

    Hope it answers your curiousity about MS course.

    All the best!

    Best Regards

  13. Hello Pranjul,

    Thanks for the valuable piece of information. Please let me know how do I submit my application if I am yet to appear for GATE-2015 and I want to apply for the commencing August 2015 batch. As already mentioned, we are required to submit GATE/GRE score along with the application.

    Kindly help me understand about the provision of MOE subsidy. It is mentioned on the NUS website that the subsidy is already included in the tuition fees. Are scholarships and subsidy different? And what is the eligibility to obtain a scholarship or MOE subsidy?

    Thanks a lot.


    • Sunil Nagpal

      Dear Aakansha,
      I am responding on behalf of Pranjul. Had a talk with him about your query.
      First of all, you won’t be able to apply for August intake of 2015 as the deadlines were till Nov 2014. You can apply for January intake though, deadlines are till May 2015 (You may refer Admissions –> Study Abroad section of this website.)

      And the PhD students don’t need to pay anything, so you shouldn’t be worried about MoE subsidy. The MoE subsidy clause is applicable for Masters students whose fees get reduced by 50% but with 3 year post course bond.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes

      Pranjul and Sunil

  14. Hello

    I know that this is slightly off topic, but I would really appreciate if you could help me out. I have received a PhD interview call from Department of Chemistry, NUS. Along with the interview, there will also be a one and half hour chemistry test. If you have any friends in PhD Chem, could you ask them and let me know what would be the syllabus for the test. I am a Pharmacy graduate and Chemistry isn’t exactly my forte, so I am really worried.

    • Hi Shruti,

      Your query was communicated to Pranjul immediately after your post. Due to his prior engagements and tours, Pranjul couldn’t respond. We will post you as soon as a response is received.

      Best wishes!

  15. Hello sir,
    Could you please tell me the SYLLABUS for M.Biotechnology in AIIMS

    • Hi Vikram,

      There’s no specifically prescribed syllabus (as per our research). We would recommend contacting the examination cell at 011-2658 8500, 2658 8700, 2658 9900.

      Best wishes

  16. Hello Sunil Sir,

    Wanted to know if there are free online software tools for pattern recognition in sequences(S.cerevisiae genome in particular), with regards to bioinformatics.

    Do you know some tools/software programs that are user friendly and can be used by college students, without undergoing specific training for operating such tools??

    Would appreciate your valuable opinion. Thank You

  17. Hello sir, i am now pursuing masters’ in life science and this is my last semester. I have a CGPA of 9.3 till now. Gate result have not been published yet. Without Gate whether it will be easy for me to get a phd position in NUS. I will be highly obliged for reply.

    • Hi Kumar,

      You would need some supporting exam (GRE/GATE). Your CGPA is really nice. All you need is a supporting exam for the interview call.

      All the Best for your GATE result!

  18. Hi,

    I got a skype interview call from NUS for PhD in Material science and engg. Interview is scheduled next week.
    Any idea what kind of questions will be asked? Fully Technical, HR type or will they also give points to our communication skills etc? What is the main thing which they check in interview? and some tips to crack it easily.

    Thank you in advance.

  19. Hello Sunil Bhaiya,

    I got air-302/marks-522 in gate 2015.
    Please elaborate about dates of admission forms, interview process or any written rounds conducted by iits.
    And also whether am i eligible for iit delhi, bombay or kanpur or any other iit for that matter.

    Thank you

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Ankit,

      Congratulations for the achievement! You should keep an eye on the cut-offs declared by IITs. The core departments (Biomedical/Biochemical/Biotech) of IIT D and B often set a GATE score cut-off around 600-650. IIT Madras, Kanpur, Roorkee, Guwahati, Kharagpur and Hyderabad all are great to target at and you should get an interview call from all of these once applied.

      About the selection process..yes, you will have to go through a written test (where GATE score/Rank has no bearing. Even a Rank 1 holder can be knocked out if he/she doesn’t clear it. Written test is often aimed at testing your basic skills in Aptitude/Maths/Science in IIT Kanput; for testing your Engineering Mathematics skills (if you had PCB background) and Biology skillls (if PCM) in IIT Bombay; IIT Delhi drills on Biochemical aspects (enzymes/rate of reactions/reactor engineering etc) in both written and Interview).

      I suggest you reading through my interview experiences:
      Home Page –> Exclusive!! –> My Story –> You will find a lot of experiences here.

      All the best!

  20. hi
    gate 2015 result just got out.
    when are applications to NUS and NTU open to apply through gate?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Swati,

      NUS applications are open:
      Visit section : Admissions –> Study Abroad

      Best wishes


  21. hello sir
    my GATE score is 475 and AIR 452, do i have a chance at NUS as compared to IITs? and apart from B.Tech i have not done any other short term course or have any other experience so should i apply for MS/ rather than Phd? please guide me.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Swati,

      Congrats first of all! With percentile well above 95 (assuming that minimum 10000 students appeared for the exam), you will definitely get a call for interview from NUS. Ensure strong recommendation letters and a good essay. You should apply for PhD (PhDs have more chances of getting scholarship than Masters).

      And, do apply at IITK, IITM, IITKgp, IIT Guwahati. You have high chances of getting calls from these IITs.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes


  22. Hello sir
    my Gate 2015 rank is 138.score is 616
    thanks for your support,tell me some tips to clear interview & written exam,do i need to read again my 12th class physics,maths,chemistry ?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Brilliant performance Vikram! Many congratulations.

      Please read through my interview experiences in Exclusive –> My Story section.

      You should go through Maths of 12th (if you had PCB in 12th) for IIT Bombay written test. IIT Kanpur asks general Science and aptitude questions in written test and IIT Delhi focusses on Biotechnology and aptitude in written test.

      If you need any other assistance, do let me know.

      And donot forget to apply at NUS.

      All the best!


  23. Thanks to sunil sir and other members for their support

  24. vinay kusuma

    hii sunil sir ,
    i got air of 350 with score of 506 in gate 2015
    do i stand chance to get admission in iits?
    i got admission in b.e biotechnology through PCM score , so should i be preparing general biology for written test in iit bombay?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Congrats Vinay,

      Yes indeed! you do have high chances of making it to IITs. You should expect a call from all IITs, your main focus should thus be written tests and/or interviews.

      You may read through my recent post on as well.

      You should pay attention to Biology for IITB written test. But keep an eye on updates from IITB as well, they may suggest a pattern for written test.

      Hope it helps.

      Best wishes

  25. Sir,
    If i get LORs from two faculties of the same institute i have studied will work or whether LORs from different institute stand a better chance to get noticed.Please help.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Swati,

      Apart from attaching the two LORs, try getting another LOR from another institute/internship guide. You can add three LORs as well to your application. LORs from different institutes (one from the parent institute and other non-parent) help in reflecting an unbiased view about your scientific and co-curricular aptitude.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes


  26. my Gate 2015 percentile is 98. I am pursuing btech in ece, currently in final year. Can I apply for research based program in Nus? What all do I have to keep in mind for the interview? Will my selection be merit based or my research mindset ? Also please link the list of faculties I can contact for better chances of getting selected? I have doubts about the interview, how it will be, technical or something general, please clarify.

  27. Sir,
    I am interested in applying for PhD in biological science and have started the application process. As guided by you i am working on the LOR from a different institute. Sir, do they provide a particular format for LOR or should i just attach the referee details and they will provide it via mail. Secondly i am little skeptical regarding the scholarship, there are so many different types. Please help.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Swati,

      Good to know that you have started the process.
      If you are going for online submission, you’ll have to provide emails of your referrers.

      In case of postal submission, they provide full application form alongwith appropriate space for LORs.

      And regarding scholarship, as I mentioned earlier, you really dont need to worry about the type of scholarship to choose from. All you need to mention is that you are interested in institutional/teaching assistantship. Infact every PhD applicant is by default considered for institutional scholarship/teaching assistantship.

      Hope it helps.

      Anyways I’ll check with their website to link you to the appropriate page.

      Best wishes

  28. Hi Sunil,

    Could you please give any suggestions for preparing for the written test/interview at IIT-Hyderabad?

  29. Hello sir, I’m a 3rd year CS student from NIT Patna, As I had biology in my 12th & I’m also interested, (though due to some problem I choose Btech in CS), I would like to advance my career in bio field.
    I am thinking of appearing JAM & Gate – BT.
    Will you please guide me Sir? I’m really confused about these exams. I’ve gone through your several articles,that increased my knowledge.
    But the primary thing is am I eligible for Gate – BT??
    If yes, after cracking gate, What should I do? (I’ve no practical experience in BT, so I think it would be better for me do Ms/Mtech).
    From the very childhood I’m bit interested in research field in some reputed foreign universities/institutes.

    So I kindly request you to show me the right path.

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hi Chinmay,

      Even if you appear for GATE CS, you’ll be eligible for MS/Mtech in Biotechnology/Biomedical Engg (in fact. you will be given preference for bringing ‘interdisciplinary candidature’ to this interdisciplinary field.

      You can appear for GATE BT as well (you are eligible for that too).

      My advise would be that: “Appear for GATE CS (if you are confident enough that you will make it). Then use your GATE CS score to get admission in NUS/IITs (assuming that you’ll clear GATE). You can get admission into Masters in Computational BioSciences based on your experience in CS. A PhD in Computational Biosciences will also be a good option. GATE will open the gates to all those opportunities.

      Best wishes

  30. Nandhini Ravichandran

    Hello sir,
    I am doing my final year biotechnology. I am going to appear for gate 2017 and planning to take gre in the coming months. Now I wish to do my Phd in biological sciences. I cannot afford to stay in foreign without scholarship. I really want to do my Phd in any reputed universities. Can you show me the way where I can study with full scholarship either in india or foreign?

    • Sunil Nagpal

      Hello Nandini,

      NUS, NTU, HKUST and DAAD group [ all accept GATE score for scholarship based admission in PhD].

      If you have a good GRE score then feel free to look beyond Asia and Europe.

      Hope it Helps

  31. Hi,

    I have received an email from NUS informing me that I am selected as shortlisted and should be prepared for a Skype interview.
    My selected major was PhD in Economics.
    What kind of questions would they ask me?
    Please, help me if you know or have any experience.

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi,

      The questions mentioned in this post are based upon the experiences of candidates doing PhD there in NUS. Given the fact that these experiences pertain to the field of Biotechnology, it’s not possible to give you assurance about the type of questions that could be asked, but yes, the questions above in this post are more or less generic and hence can be relied upon.

      All the best and congrats for the call!

  32. Hi Pranjul,

    How much CGPA matters during selection?

    Thank you:)

  33. Hi,

    I have completed my M.Tech Biotech from NITK with cGPA 8.9. And I have a 95 percile in GATE (2015). I have 2 LOR from NITK professors. I’m currently working in IIT as a research associate. What will be my chances of getting into NUS?

  34. Janhavi Choudhari

    Hello sir,

    I am in fourth year of M.Tech integrated biotechnology course (5 yrs). Wanted to know that after what is preferable.. MS or Phd and from India or abroad..?

  35. Akanksha Jha

    Greetings Pranjul Ji and Sunil Ji,
    I am in my final year of M.Tech Biotechnology from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra with almost 86% marks. My course will complete in June, 2018. Will it be okay if I apply for Ph.D (Biotechnology) at NUS, Singapore in January 2019 uptake. Can you let me know the deadline for applications? And I am also interested to know whether it is compulsory to qualify GATE/GRE? Kindly help me out. Thank you.

  36. Hello sir/madam,
    I’m from Malaysia. Currently I am doing my Masters in Malaysia and I would like to pursue my PhD in NUS. I read and went through the requirements to study in NUS. So,does the requirements are also same for Malaysians as well?

  37. i would like to ask what is the probable time i need to wait before i get interview call.
    i have applied for sept intake, so can i expect call in jan or feb?
    do mention after how many months you got the call for interview?


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